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Postgrad Australia Master of Human Resources
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The Master of Human Resource Management program prepares graduates of any field for a management career across the diverse field of human resources.

Postgrad Australia Master of Marketing
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The Master of Marketing program equips future business leaders with the strategic knowledge and practical skills required for a successful marketing career.

Power of Philosophy highlighted in yellow on a book.
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Philosophy gives you the mental tools to contemplate and analyse exceptionally difficult problems, but where can you take these skills?


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Student Stories

Kaplan Professional
Michael Ward studied a Master of Financial Planning at Kaplan Professional and is now a Director at Maxim Private Wealth
Jodie Woodward
Deakin University
Jodie studied Education at an undergraduate level at Queensland University of Technology and now taking up Masters in Human Nutrition through Deakin University.
Amanda Breidahl University of Melbourne
University of Melbourne
Amanda is studying a Research Masters in Veterinary Science at the University of Melbourne

Lecturer Profiles

Victoria University (VU)
Khandakar is the course chair of the Grad Certificate of Cyber Security and is an IT lecturer at Victoria University