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Communication facilitates expression, understanding, and innovation. It’s the tools we use to express truth and sense of self.

Communication skills are essential for navigating our paths in an increasingly connected, globalised world. Communication helps to exchange information, create relationships, enhance business exchange, and to learn about other people and cultures - it is indispensable for individuals and businesses alike.

Those who can express themselves well can help all manner of people, companies and projects do the same. Communication skills can be applied most anywhere you see fit.

Is communication for me?

If you are an empath with a knack for the written word, communications could be an enjoyable and profitable career for you. Those who thrive in the communication industry are fascinated by the ties between different people in the world. Communications specialists are intrigued by what connects us, by what influences us, and by what builds relationships.

Study pathway

Typically, people working in the field of communication will have a bachelor degree in something like communications, advertising, journalism, or media studies.

It is also possible to land a job in the industry without such a qualification. The ease of self-publishing and the status of social media clout can assist people to gain employment without necessarily having a qualification.

If you wish to study a postgraduate degree in communication but don’t have a degree in the specific field, don’t fret. Any subject under the broad umbrella of humanities could prepare you for postgraduate studies in communication. While you may need to catch up on core theoretical concepts, you will have analytical skills, research ability, and experience in explaining ideas from your previous degree to assist communications studies.

Employment options

Graduates of communication degrees are known for being flexible. They may find themselves in all manner of jobs, equipped with the skills to express, influence and connect.

People with communication degrees may work independently, or be the voice of a company. They could be helping along expression of staff and stakeholders within organisations, or work in the fields of journalism and media.


A journalist writes, creates and distributes information to the general public (read more).

Marketing officer

Marketing officers work to promote the public image of an organisation, individual or brand. This role can be varied depending on the company, but may include activities like advertising, public relations, market research and sales management (read more).

Public relations officer

Those working in PR are the voice between the public and an individual, company or organisation. People in Public Relations seek to connect their client with their target audience and various media channels (read more).

Chief communications officer

Sometimes known as the head corporate communications officer, this job involves managing the Public Relations team and creating and executing public relations strategies (read more).

Chief marketing officer

This executive is responsible for driving the managing all the marketing activities for an organisation, brand or individual (read more).

Human resources manager

Those with communications degrees make excellent members of the HR team thanks to their interpersonal skills. Human resources managers are responsible for communicating between people and teams in a workplace, and ensuring satisfactory workplace conditions for all (read more).

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Student Stories

Sam Anderson
University of Canberra
Sam studied a Bachelor of Arts (Majoring in Communications) at the University of New England in 2000. She also completed a Graduate Certificate in Business (Public Sector) at Flinders University in 2015.
RMIT University
Natteh studied Bachelor of Communications at Swinburne University and recently completed Graduate Certificate in Project Management at RMIT while working full-time.


Edith Cowan University (ECU)

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