Master of Physiotherapy

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Master of Physiotherapy overview

A master’s degree in physiotherapy typically takes around two years to complete. Research and coursework modes of study are available at many different universities, although coursework degrees are more common.

Coursework masters

A coursework masters is the most commonly studied physiotherapy masters degree. This allows you to choose from a range of subject areas and also to specialise in a particular area if you choose. Practical components and clinical placements also form part of the course.

Research masters

A research masters is for those that wish to delve deeper into a particular area, wish to go on to complete a PhD or pursue a career in academia. A specific research project is generally undertaken during the course of study.

Employment options

Successful completion of a masters degree will enable you to register with the Physiotherapy Board of Australia and gain employment as a physiotherapist. Work can then be sought in a range of settings including hospitals, private clinics, community health centres or aged care facilities.

Scholarships and funding

Some research master’s courses in Australia come with a basic level of funding if they are taken full-time. You can review hundreds of scholarships for which physiotherapy is eligible here.

Austudy support for coursework programs is approved on a university by university basis.

Prerequisites and selection process

Entry into a masters of physiotherapy course typically requires an undergraduate degree in the fields of health sciences. A GPA minimum of around 5 is typical, as well as a criminal history screening prior to acceptance.

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