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Murdoch University

  • 37% international / 63% domestic

About Murdoch University

Murdoch University in Perth, Australia, is proud to have more than 24,000 students and 2,000 staff from across 90 different countries with a desire to discover, use their imaginations and ultimately make a difference.

It embraces free thinking and encourages its community to share ideas, pool knowledge and find new ways of thinking. Across Australia, Murdoch University is recognised for excellent teaching, ground-breaking research and high number of satisfied students.

In Western Australia, its South Street campus has a range of facilities including a comprehensive vet hospital (with WA’s only equine operating theatres), engineering pilot plant, a chiropractic clinic, Media Arts centre and more. They also have campuses in Singapore, opposite the National Library in the education hub, and in Dubai where students use state-of-the-art TV and radio studios, newsrooms and editing suites.

Applying for postgraduate study

You can apply for postgraduate coursework directly to Murdoch at any time of year. You'll need academic transcripts for assessment. To apply for some postgraduate courses, you’ll need extra documents, so make sure to look at the checklist for the course you are interested in.

More about Murdoch University

Murdoch University is recognised as one of Australia’s leading research institutions, as more industries place their belief and resources into its projects to provide its research candidates and scientists with the opportunity to make amazing discoveries.

Murdoch views the opportunity for its students to take part in some form of work-related experience as an essential form of learning integral to each of its courses. The University’s Work Integrated Learning (WIL) Program seeks to provide an important learning experience for students, while allowing them to demonstrate their graduate skills to employers.







Featured Courses

Masters (Research)

In this course you will gain extensive theoretical knowledge in omics science, technology and the application in healthcare. You will apply this new knowledge to undertake a real-world health-care project and develop your interdisciplinary research skills to tackle global health challenges.

Masters (Coursework)

This course provides veterinarians engaged in a residency training program with intense clinical instruction using case material from the Murdoch University Veterinary Hospital.

Masters (Coursework)

Veterinary surveillance is an essential component for the protection of animal health, as well as the protection of public health and food systems, through the detection, response and eradication of animal diseases.In this course, you'll develop the...

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