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Master of Psychology overview

Master level postgraduate psychology education is excellent for psychology graduates hungry for more extensive specialist knowledge. The Master of Rehabilitation Counselling from Griffith University is a prime example of this specialisation, making it akin to graduate certificates and diplomas. Unlike its less-extensive cousins, the Master of Psychology and its numerous branches of specialisation often take two years if undergone full time. This opens the door to a greater number of employment opportunities in exchange.

Coursework master

Most master level psychology degrees feature coursework as the predominant measure of success, requiring students to learn a combination of practical skills and theory. Deakin University offers the Master of Psychology (Organisational), an exemplar focussed on working with cross-disciplinary teams to achieve real-world results.

Research master

There are rare cases in which a research focussed Master of Psychology program can be taken, the focus being further contributions to the field rather than practical application. The Master of Science (Psychology) from RMIT is a perfect example of this, offering students the chance to develop their own research skills in addition to contributing knowledge outcomes to the field.

Employment options

Master of Psychology graduates have as many employment options open to them as specialisations. Graduates from Griffith University’s rehabilitation counselling program are granted higher opportunity to enter organisations like Rehabilitation Specialists as valued advisors. There is potential for more general employment, however. Graduates from Bond University’s Master of Psychology (Clinical) are better equipped to begin their own practice, for example.

Scholarships and funding

General funding opportunities like the Gallipoli Scholarship Fund can be the most accessible given the prerequisites are met, but in as is the case for all general scholarship funds, check the requirements carefully to ensure eligibility. Specific psychology funds are rare, but general scholarships are numerous enough to cover a diverse array of backgrounds.

Prerequisites and selection process

Master of Psychology courses are often more strict than many other master level courses, demanding four years of undergraduate psychology to enter. This means a Bachelor of Psychology with an extra year for honours or a Bachelor of Psychology with a diploma in a field of psychology. Provisional registration to the Psychology Board of Australia is often an additional requirement for entry at universities like Bond.

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Funding & scholarships

Giving up a salary is one of the biggest costs in deciding to continue into postgraduate study, so any financial support provided to students is very important.


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