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Master of Counselling overview

The Master of Counselling allows students to utilise their knowledge of theory in practice. Monash University is an example of this, providing extensive workplace placement to students so they might see the relevance of the curriculum as they progress. Unlike the certificates and diplomas, the coursework is more rigorous, requiring more contact hours and regular meetings with a supervisor through the two-year duration.

Employment options

Graduates from this program can expect a greater depth of counselling opportunities than the certificate and diploma level courses. The experience gained throughout makes trauma counselling a solid choice, as fresh graduates will have gained knowledge of how best to utilise their knowledge in a tactful manner. This particular line of work is well-suited to ambitious individuals wishing to open their own practice.

Another sound choice would be as a relationship counsellor. Family Relationships, a government-sponsored initiative, utilise graduates from these programs to help severed families come to agreements for the sake of their children.

The list of specialisations mentioned here are all equally viable opportunities for Master of Counselling graduates.

Scholarships and funding

Counselling-specific scholarships are rare, but there are general opportunities available. These often have esoteric requirements, however. ANU offers the John Monash Scholarship, for instance; this is a scholarship for master level students planning to study overseas. Other scholarships with different requirements are available, but aspirants are urged to consider the often-unique entry requirements.

Prerequisites and selection process

Entrants can be from any prior bachelor level degree, but as with the certificates and diplomas, prior experience is helpful. In the case of Monash University, just two years of experience can reduce the time it takes to complete the degree by up to a full year.

Advice for Master of Counselling

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Funding & scholarships

Giving up a salary is one of the biggest costs in deciding to continue into postgraduate study, so any financial support provided to students is very important.

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Choosing a course

Millions around the world seek comfort from professional counsellors. Whether or not it’s a profession for you depends upon a few things.


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