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Master of Graphic Design overview

A master’s degree in graphic design will further hone your skills in visual communication. Courses are usually 1-2 years in duration and can be taken on campus or online. Most masters of graphic design will offer a combination of coursework and practical tasks, but could favour one or the other depending on your institution.

Coursework masters

This type of degree will focus on the theoretical concepts that underpin graphic design. Depending on where you choose to study, you can choose to tailor your masters around a niche interest, or you may choose to take a general overview coursework masters. In most cases, you will still have to demonstrate technical skills and execute graphic design projects as part of the assessment.

Research masters

Many master’s programs in graphic design will be more focussed on developing research in the field. Such a master’s helps you to stay on top of the evolving trends and tools of the world of graphic design. It will also help you to develop your portfolio, and become an expert in your chosen field.

Employment options

Your employment prospects could vastly improved with a masters under your belt. Not only will you have proof that you have studied in-depth graphic design concepts, your portfolio should have some excellent new additions.

Scholarships and funding

Some graphic design masters courses in Australia can get you financial assistance if you are studying full time. Check with your university to see if you qualify for Austudy.

You can search for hundreds of scholarships that graphic design students are eligible for on our Scholarships Page.

Prerequisites and selection process

Usually people with a graduate certificate or diploma will apply to study a masters of graphic design.

Advice for Master of Graphic Design

Graphic designer at work infront of a laptop.

Graphic design is a highly competitive field, but there are some great ways to improve your qualifications and skills to maximise your chances.


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