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Graphic design is a discipline that communicates meaning via images. Students of graphic design learn how to send messages visually using a variety of different media.

The ways that graphic designers communicate their messages can be incredibly broad. Graphic designers might work with either physical or analogue media. Graphic designers can also create the typography or iconography that represents a brand, cause or concept.

Graphic design has seen a shift from posters, placards, and newsprint advertisements to moving images that will be seen on electronic devices. Increasingly, graphic designers will be called on to use digital media, which could be as diverse as animation to responsive graphics.

Some consider the history of graphic design to extend way back to the first images recorded on cave walls. After all, these were the first instances of image being used to tell a story. Nowadays, graphic design is broadly understood as person who creates art, images, ideas and text for websites, publications or advertisements.

Post-graduate study for graphic designers typically focuses on developing either theoretical coursework, or more practical studio skills.

Is graphic design for me?

Graphic design is a great career choice for those who enjoy creating images across a range of media. Qualification in graphic design can offer a flexible career path with the option to work in many different industries.

Study pathway

Jobs or internships in graphic design could once be achieved with an impressive portfolio regardless of the level of qualification. Nowadays tertiary qualifications are seen as a minimum standard for employment.

Graphic designers should be fluent in many software platforms and mediums to be able to create quickly across many styles. Even before starting a degree in graphic design, those interested should start developing their artistic skills, concept creation, and ability to execute designs in many ways.

Graphic design degrees will help show prospective employers that you have knowledge across many media, that you have the ability to commit, and will differentiate you from the many other people out there applying for jobs.

Internships are a great way to get on-the-job experience. Graphic designers are also encouraged to keep their skills relevant and up-to-date. This could be done by enrolling in software or coding language fluency courses, or by completing postgraduate study.

Employment options

A graphic design degree allows you to represent brands and ideas across a diverse range of industries. While a killer portfolio can land you a job in graphic design, many agencies or employers seeking a graphic designer will prefer candidates with undergraduate or postgraduate diploma qualifications.

Any industry that uses advertising, online communication, visual imagery or has a website can hire a graphic designer. Common industries for graphic designers include:

Design services

You could work designing logos, layouts, interior concepts and more. Design services help all manner of businesses find the images that suit them.


Graphic designers who work in publishing will work with layout and typography to create attractive books, magazines, newspapers and more.


Graphic designers who work in advertising will use their visual skills to entice people to buy products or services. Many graphic designers working in advertising create things like banner ads online, but can also work in digital or print media.

Public relations

Graphic designers working in PR help companies put their best foot forward with visual engagements via everything from newsletters to web design.


Because graphic design is such a broad creative field, a lot of niche graphic design skills are sought after. These include the following:

Advice for Graphic Design Courses

Graphic designer at work infront of a laptop.

Graphic design is a highly competitive field, but there are some great ways to improve your qualifications and skills to maximise your chances.


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