Master of Social Work

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Master of Social Work overview

Completing a Masters in Social Work will provide you with the tools for a vast range of more specialised roles in social work. This qualification is necessary if you're interested in higher level management, program and policy development and delivery and research roles. A masters is also a prerequisite for a Doctor of Social Work.

Employment options

A Masters in Social Work will open the doors for many more advanced roles in the social work field, such as a researcher, facilitator, project manager, manager or therapist in the healthcare sector, child services, disability services and the justice system. A master’s degree is well-sought after qualification and will help secure interviews with most social work employers

Scholarships and funding

There are a number of scholarships available to students taking a masters of social work. Generally more superior academic performance is a primary focus as to whether you are a suitable candidate for a scholarship. There is also Austudy available, if you are interested in undertaking this course, but you will need to contact Centrelink before enrolling to find out whether you are eligible for these payments.

Prerequisites and selection process

To enrol in a Masters in Social Work you will need to have studied and successfully completed the related undergraduate degree. For acceptance into the course, a higher level of academic performance will make it easier to gain entry. Early enrolment is also a good idea to help ensure you gain a place.