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Construction Management Courses overview

Studying construction management lets you learn how to efficiently and effectively complete construction jobs. Construction managers oversee the planning, coordination, and financial management for a wide range of building projects.

Construction management is a crucial part of creating the essential structures that let society function as a whole. They are responsible for the construction of hospitals, schools, bridges, industrial complexes, commercial and residential projects. Construction managers form an integral part of creating the infrastructure that supports modern society.

As a construction manager, it’s your job to oversee that each necessary task for the building is completed. You also must communicate with a variety of team members to ensure everyone knows their role. You’ll be involved with all aspects of construction, from budgets, timetables, building methods, hiring, contracts, and collaboration with the building designers. You’ll also need to negotiate legal building regulations, as well as be able to think on your feet if something in the complex structure of your construction plan changes.

Is construction management for me?

There are a wide variety of tasks which are the responsibility of the construction manager, so if you like variety and thinking on your feet, a career in construction management could be your calling. A day in the life of a construction manager is very rarely dull.

If you are organised and detail-oriented, construction management could be an excellent career choice for you. Construction managers derive a great deal of job satisfaction from watching all their careful planning result in a completed project.

Do you work well under pressure and excel at coming up with solutions to a wide range of problems? There are many things that can go awry in the construction of a building, and it’s the job of the construction management team to both plan for emergencies and worse-case scenarios, as well as be able to pivot and improvise on the spot.

Study pathway

It is possible to become a construction manager via both work experience and educational qualifications. There is no formal body that governs who can legally register and work as a construction manager in Australia.

Some construction companies hire construction managers without degrees in construction management, however, the pathway to a senior position may be longer. Moreover, it is a complicated job, and a degree can prepare you for the many situations and problems you may encounter in the field.

Construction Management study pathways typically start with a Bachelor’s degree. If you wish to complete postgraduate study in construction management you will need this qualification first.

Employment options and specialistations

There are many jobs that can become available to you with the skills you learn in a construction management degree. These include:

Construction manager

This job involves the supervision and running of the overall plans, designs and construction of a building project from start to finish (read more).

Facilities manager

A facilities manager coordinates the different experts required to complete the diverse tasks that go into construction. This could include managing glaziers, electricians, plumbers, and many more more to complete the finished product (read more).

Building surveyor

Building surveyors ensure building regulations are met and that building plans can go ahead smoothly. They are tasked with meeting the needs and wishes of both the building owners and the construction team (read more).

Civil engineer

A civil engineer is the person on the construction project team who makes large infrastructure projects a reality. Their knowledge of construction techniques leads to buildings that are safe and designed to stand the tests of time (read more).

Sustainability consultant

Sustainability consultants advise how much power a building will need, and how to get it in the most efficient way. This could be done through the design of the building, the materials used in construction, or recycling techniques (read more).

Quantity surveyor

This job involves financial planning and managing the costs and budgets of a building site (read more).

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