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Business administration is a broad field incorporating many types of management functions. Business administrators oversee business operations and manages the company’s daily operations. They operate as the manager of the company and of its other managers to ensure that they function properly and are working in line with the company's goals and objectives. All corporations and businesses need skilled administrators to succeed.

Is business administration for me?

Business administration is for students with a passion for leadership skills, and for those who are highly motivated and organised. If your goal is to become a COO, CFO, CEO, or business owner of a company, this postgraduate study is for you.

Study pathway

The Graduate Certificate or Diploma of Business Administration is designed to take one year if studied full time. It is a great way for aspiring business owners and managers to gain a useful qualification while not requiring the work experience later programs in this field demand.

Students undertaking a Master of Business Administration are expected to enter this program with two or three years of prior management or business administration experience. They will be expected to complete numerous group projects and coordinate with other students, similar to other degrees. These courses can take anywhere between one and a half years in the University of Adelaide’s case to two at most other institutions.

Doctor of Business Administration courses normally take three to six years and demand a thesis of 50,000 - 70,000 words by its end. Universities such as the Australian Institute of Business will demand not only a credit average in an MBA, but three to five years of previous management or professional experience.

Employment options

HR management

Becoming a HR manager is viable due to the business ethics and communication skills developed during business administration courses. Some of the biggest recruiters in this field like The Next Step, Peoplecorp and Frazer Jones are always seeking business administration graduates for contractual and permanent HR management positions at prominent companies.

Financial management

All companies require a sound ability to budget, oversee investment activities and meet financial objectives. With business administration skills, graduates hone the valuable combination of financial acumen and interpersonal skill to fit this role. In addition to companies like KPMG, PWC and Deloitte offering numerous graduate opportunities as well as more senior ones, smaller companies covet the skills improved by this degree program too.

Management consulting

The desirable skillset provided by this degree make graduates ideal candidates for employment as a management consultant. Some of the world’s most prestigious consulting firms, such as McKinsey & Company, Boston Consulting Group and ZS Associates have a huge preference for MBA holders in particular.


Business administration is a solid way to clear a path toward building and maintaining a new startup. Having skills in a little bit of everything is exceptionally valuable when dealing with a small company that can only support a handful of employees.


There are ample opportunities for development in specific areas outside the expansive opportunities already listed. Having skills in a little bit of everything is exceptionally valuable when dealing with a small company that can only support a handful of employees.

Advice for Business Administration Courses

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Study advice

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Getting a job

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Postgrad Australia Master of Business Administration (MBA)
Choosing a course

The Master of Business Administration (MBA) is an intensive program designed to prepare candidates for a management career within their chosen field.


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Student Stories

Laura Brooke-Smith
Laura studied Bachelor of International Business and Economics at Flinders University and completed a Master of Business Administration at the Australian Institute of Business Administration
Sarah Aldridge
QUT (Queensland University of Technology)
Sarah studied Bachelor of Business with dual major in Management and Public Relations and now taking up Masters of Business Administration at the Queensland University of Technology.


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