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Graduate Certificate of Climate Policy

  • Graduate Certificate

All of these courses incorporate research-based assessment activities and each draw on case studies that utilise current ANU research often by the convenors themselves who are world leaders in their fields.

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Graduate Certificate
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About this course

The Graduate Certificate of Climate Policy may be completed in a single semester full-time or part-time equivalent. Students can participate in the program online, in person and in a mixed mode of flexible learning and communicating.

You may also wish to consider extending the Graduate Certificate of Climate Policy to complete a Master of Climate Change to develop a truly world-class expertise in your chosen area. We’ll count your study in the Graduate Certificate towards credit for the Master degree.

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Course structure

The Graduate Certificate of Climate Policy requires the completion of 24 units selected from a range of key courses to support upskilling and retraining in this Australian Government national priority area.

A minimum of 12 units from the following listed courses:

EMDV8007 Communicating for Environment and Climate Policy

EMDV8080 International Climate Change Policy and Economics

EMDV8081 Domestic Climate Change Policy and Economics

ENVS6307 Climate Change Science and Policy

ENVS8003 Climate Change Vulnerability and Adaptation

A maximum of 12 units of the following courses:

EMDV8011 Payments for Environmental Services

EMDV8017 Toxic: Environmental Pollution and Waste

EMDV8079 Water Politics on a Modified Planet

EMDV8082 Food Wars: Food Security and Agricultural Policy

EMDV8124 Disaster Risk Reduction and Management

POGO8136 Participating in Public Policy: Citizen Engagement and Public Talk

POGO8401 Foundations in Public Policy

POGO8402 The Political and Institutional Architecture of Public Policy