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Computer technology has dramatically transformed the way we manage our everyday lives. Its impact ranges from embedded systems controlling everyday household appliances, to banking systems handling billions of secure transactions every day. Computer science has permanently changed the way humans communicate and spread information through the internet and social media.

Computer science is a broad discipline, ranging from basic programming theory through to the advancement of computing hardware such as quantum computing. It offers a great foundation that permits students to adapt to new technologies and ideas.

Is computer science for me?

Computer science is for those who are deeply interested in solving problems using new technologies and software. Some questions that could be helpful to those who want to pursue a career in computer science are:

  • Do you like maths and science?
  • Are you creative, logical and persistent?
  • Do you enjoy solving challenging problems?
  • Do the latest technologies excite you?
  • Would you enjoy learning programming languages to communicate with computers?

If you say yes to all, then maybe computer science is the right path for you!

Study pathway

Most universities offer bachelor and graduate level degrees in computer science. The curriculum combines theoretical and practical courses so that students not only have the skills to solve existing problems, but also the analytical ability to deal with new ones. Typically, a bachelor’s degree takes four years to complete, while a master’s degree may take an additional year or two years of coursework.

Employment options

There are a wide range of employment opportunities available to computer science graduates. Below are some of the common careers to explore in this field:

Software developer

Also known as a computer programmer, is primarily involved in the design, installation, testing and maintenance of software systems (read more here).

Data analyst

Data analysts carefully inspect and transform data into meaningful result that help employers or clients in crafting solutions and decision-making (read more here).

Database administrator

Maintains database systems and is primarily responsible for storing, organising and securing electronic data (read more here).

Web developer

Is primarily responsible for designing and creating web applications (read more here).

Games developer

Game developers are usually involved in game design, programming and animation. Games developed are commonly for personal computers, games consoles, online games, arcade games, tablets, and mobile phones (read more here).


Computer science is a broad field that covers many specialisations, including but not limited to:

Advice for Computer Science Courses

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Funding & scholarships

Giving up a salary is one of the biggest costs in deciding to continue into postgraduate study, so any financial support provided to students is very important.

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Study advice

Computer science is a field bursting with potential. We’re here to help you tap into it.


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Student Stories

Charles Sturt University (CSU)
Thiman is studying a Master of information technology at CQUniversity.
CQUniversity Australia (CQU)
Mila completed a Master of Information Systems at CQUniversity Australia.
Shrish Balasubramanian
RMIT University
Shrish studied Bachelor in Computer Science and currently pursuing Masters in IT at RMIT University


Edith Cowan University (ECU)

Discover courses, get advice from staff, watch demos and enjoy music, food and games.

Edith Cowan University (ECU)

Discover courses, get advice from staff, watch demos and enjoy music, food and games.