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Tourism is an industry dedicated to seeing and experiencing places of interest all over the world. It involves a great variety of interconnected capacities and functions, such as organising flights, transportation, accommodation and general logistics. Postgraduate study concerns project management, marketing, sponsorship, hospitality operations, special interest tourism and a great deal more dependent upon the program.

Tourism as an industry is still fairly young, but the practice is far older. Young and wealthy europeans of the 17th century would travel across Europe immersing themselves in the artworks, sculptures and culture of past civilisations. It wasn’t until 1920 that commercialised tourism became a more common occurrence.

Nowadays, it is a sophisticated multidisciplinary field equipped with a wealth of expertise. Professionals in the tourism industry use their varied skills to ensure travellers have a pleasant time all over the world.

Is tourism for me?

Tourism is for those with a combination of logistical acumen and an interest in foreign cultures. It is for those with a mind for business willing to exercise their skills and knowledge of other cultures and practices for the benefit of clients wishing to see other places. If this sounds like you, tourism could be an ideal field.

Study pathway

Postgraduate courses in tourism can be taken up to master level, with certificates and diplomas being ideal for shorter study periods.

Graduate certificates provide preliminary understanding of the tourism industry. Students can expect to gain professional experience and consulting opportunities from courses offered by the University of Queensland and others, in addition to foundational units in resource management, visitor management or others depending on the program. A lot of choice is offered during these six month programs, making them ideal for those with a clear idea of where they want to take their careers.

Graduate diplomas offer an even more extensive look into the field, taking one year of full time study to complete or longer if part time. Southern Cross University and other institutions offer these programs to help students develop their managerial, economic and political knowledge relevant to a career in tourism.

Master degrees offer comprehensive knowledge, with institutions like Victoria University offering units in the cross-cultural management of destinations, business ethics, sustainability, international tourism management, managing the visitor experience and many more. These programs take two years of full time study to complete or up to four years if taken full time, with admission available to students who completed a graduate certificate prior. Prerequisites often include a relevant bachelor degree, which normally means a business discipline, in addition to a credit GPA (65%).  

Employment options

Policy development officer

Learning about the economic and social quirks of many different countries equips graduates for a career in policy development, despite it being far removed from tourism. The Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade could utilise such a skill set; a career there can be very rewarding, hosting one of the most competitive graduate programs in the country across all industries.

Research and planning officer

These professionals pave the way toward a goal through the use of strategic research, which in this case means gaining insight into an international socio-economic climate to discern its worth as a tourist destination or for a project related to tourism. Tourism Australia would be an excellent place to seek employment in this field.

Travel planner

These qualifications provide graduates with the means to assist clients in booking their dream trips. Travel planners work for any number of organisations, including airlines like Qantas and general travel companies like the Travel Authority Group.


Degrees in tourism offer a fantastic breadth of knowledge, opening the way to a great variety of careers that include but are not limited to:

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