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Pondering the problems and potentials of humanity must be what we are here to do. Why else would we have a sense of wonder?

Postgraduate philosophy degrees allow you pause, reflect, and to consider the bigger picture of life. Ideas and perspectives to make sense of the universe are discussed and explored, giving you a new lens through which to see your world.

Postgraduate philosophy courses allow you to step back from meaningless life stresses and meander into metaphysical territory. You can explore the validity of our ethical systems, and debate the statements of the great thinkers of our times.

Is philosophy for me?

If you have a creative and analytical mind with a side of insatiable curiosity, postgraduate philosophy studies could be for you. Philosophy students do not shy away from the big questions and live to wonder and analyse. You should be able to tie creative theories and thoughts down with strong analysis and research abilities that support your arguments in order to excel in postgraduate philosophy degrees.

Study pathway

It’s possible to commence a graduate certificate or diploma of philosophy without having undertaken an undergraduate degree specific to philosophy. A bachelor’s degree in any subject will suffice to get you into this degree.

Upon completion of a graduate certificate or diploma of philosophy, it is then possible to continue into a master’s program. You could also be eligible to enter into a master’s philosophy degree with just an undergraduate degree, depending on your institution.

Master’s programs allow you to explore either a thesis idea of your own or by completing coursework. From here it’s possible to explore philosophical ideas in the deepest of depths via PhD program.

Employment options

While there aren’t many paid positions out there for philosophers to do nothing but philosophise, their increased analytic skills and research abilities allow those who study to philosophy to excel in many fields. Potential jobs for philosophy students include:


Consultancy firms may hire philosophy students, as their ability to make sound arguments and research make them suitable to provide advice on strategy and policy for many different kinds of companies (read more).

Lawyer or paralegal

While you may have to return to university to study, Philosophy students have highly developed abilities to argue that can come in very handy in the field of law, whether in a career as lawyer or a paralegal (read more).


Because many philosophy departments offer courses on the philosophy of scientific branches such as biology and physics, many philosophy students have the knowledge needed to work in science (read more).


Philosophy students are able to research and write well. These skills combined with their passion for seeking truth and presenting all manner of perspectives can be very helpful for a career in journalism, whether via writing, broadcasting, or in multimedia (read more).

Public servant

Philosophers possess the skills to write excellent public policy and orate well, and can pursue careers in all manner or government sectors (read more).

Advice for Philosophy Courses

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Study advice

Starting out as a philosophy student can be a difficult experience given the tough subject matter. Fortunately, we’re here to help.

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Study advice

It’s hard to study effectively for topics that require a great deal of original thought as opposed to rote learning. Luckily, we’re here to help.

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Study advice

Philosophy gives you the mental tools to contemplate and analyse exceptionally difficult problems, but where can you take these skills?


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University of Divinity
Paul is completing his Doctor of Philosophy (Humanities) at the University of Divinity.
Curtin University
Kit is completing her Doctor of Philosophy at Curtin University.


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