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Early Childhood Education Courses overview

Early childhood education takes place between birth and eight years of age. It’s a sensitive time when neuroplasticity and consequently a child’s ability to learn are at its peak, making it a crucial developmental period. Postgraduate study provides comprehensive insight into many facets of early childhood education, like analysing the familial context, introductory units in education, early language, fostering creativity, developing mathematical prowess and more.

Informal rearing of children through social networks like villages and towns has occurred across human history, but the formal study of it began in the nineteenth century when kindergartens came to be. These early institutions served primarily as daycare but became more focussed on early education as time progressed. The phenomenon of kindergartens slowly managed to spring up worldwide, followed by the field as a whole.

Modern early childhood educators practice state of the art teaching techniques guided by science-based understanding of child psychology and learning. It’s a field that helps children grow into the best people they can be.

Is early childhood education for me?

Early childhood education is for people with an abundance of compassion as well as patience. Children can be unpredictable and tiresome to the uninitiated, which is why such extensive education and passion are required. If you’re the sort of person who loves kids and is willing to work hard for their success, this field could well be for you.

Study pathway

Early childhood education can be studied up to master level, with graduate certificates and diplomas offering flexible and succinct study pathways.

Graduate certificates are entry-level qualifications open to holders of any bachelor degree, taking six months to complete if undergone full time. Courses offered by Macquarie University and similar institutions offer units in early childhood philosophy, early childhood development and potential electives in early childhood literacy and language, developing creativity and early intervention. This makes them ideal for those from other disciplines wishing to pivot to a career in early childhood education.

Graduate diplomas cover more extensive curriculums, with courses from institutions like Southern Cross University consisting of broad units in families and communities, early childhood matters, early childhood education practices and professional experience. These courses generally take a year of full time study to complete, but can be taken part time instead.

The Master of Early Childhood Education is for those desiring a comprehensive understanding, taking two years of full time study to complete. Institutions like the University of Melbourne offer units in educational leadership, becoming a clinical practitioner, clinical practice and more. These courses analyse the details of early childhood education, offering the chance to focus on infant and toddler development before learning about three to eight year olds.

Employment options

Family support worker

These professionals utilise their education to aid families in need with the raising and education of their children. Non-profits like Families Australia or MacKillop Family Services are always looking for graduates from these programs because their education is exactly suited to looking after children from struggling families and helping them grow into thriving individuals.

Childcare professional

Working in a childcare centre is a great use of early childhood education qualifications, as they equip graduates with the means to handle otherwise unruly children for long periods. Childcare centres all over Australia like Milford Lodge or the Little Beacons Learning Centre thrive through the employment of skilled, passionate and dedicated childcare professionals.

Youth worker

Graduates from these programs are well suited to youth work because they have the confidence and education to be strong role models. They can help young children from disadvantaged backgrounds beat the odds and succeed in life despite all the difficulties they might face at home. For many, youth work is as much a calling as it is a career.


Being able to teach young children has wider applications than just careers mentioned above. The following are just some of the other areas graduates can be of use in:

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Getting a job

The number of graduates in Victoria applying to become teachers has dropped sharply by nearly 40 per cent in a single year.



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