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Indigenous peoples, also known as first peoples, aboriginal peoples or native peoples, are ethnic groups who are the early inhabitants of a given region. Groups are generally portrayed as indigenous when they keep customs, traditions and some aspects of an early culture that is related with a given area or region (read more).

Indigenous studies is therefore about learning indigenous people’s knowledge and experiences; their languages, cultures, histories, politics, health, laws, education, environment, relations with others and research methodologies.

Indigenous studies in Australia are generally centered on the study of their two distinct cultural ethnic groups; Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.

Is indigenous studies for me?

Indigenous studies is an interesting field for those that want to explore the rich history of indigenous peoples and want to learn how they relate with modern society while preserving their culture.

Study pathway

The typical study pathway for indigenous studies starts with a bachelor’s degree, before continuing onto a postgraduate qualification, by means of either a graduate certificate or graduate diploma, a master’s degree or a PhD.

Graduate certificate and diploma of indigenous studies are postgraduate qualifications that are intended for students of any discipline with an interest in Aboriginal history, culture, politics and education.

Master’s of indigenous studies will equip students with broad knowledge of indigenous issues in a global context and will provide knowledge of research methodologies and the project management skills needed to work with various Indigenous groups.

A Doctorate/PhD in indigenous studies is a research degree and is awarded to a thesis that demonstrates the candidate’s ability to carry out independent research and analysis at an advanced level of study in a particular field or discipline of indigenous studies.

Employment options and specialisations

Graduates of indigenous studies may find employment in a range of public and private sectors organisations requiring experts in multicultural awareness, as well as indigenous institutions concerned with land councils, healthcare, legal services, cooperatives, and housing companies. Postgraduate study will also open up numerous opportunities in the business, education, health, and legal sectors.

An indigenous studies degree provides a great foundation for many careers; here are some examples:

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