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Occupational Therapy Courses overview

Occupational therapy is assisting children, the elderly, those with acute injuries and more to learn or re-learn basic skills required to live. The role encompasses a broad range of functions,  from assisting in basic daily habits like eating and showering to finding employment and a social life. Occupational therapists are there to help those that struggle to help themselves.

President Roosevelt of the United States created what was then called ‘work therapy’ in 1904 to provide struggling citizens with the means to improve their self esteem. The onset of WWI saw its first prominent usage; British authorities ensured army hospital were staffed with young occupational therapists to rehabilitate wounded and shell-shocked soldiers. Nowadays the practice is applied to all manner of people in need of occupational assistance.

The field is of great importance to struggling people around the world. Occupational therapists work tirelessly to help them have a normal life despite whatever ails them.

Is occupational therapy for me?

Occupational therapy is for those with a strong will to see struggling people find their feet. Whether your interest is in aiding PTSD sufferers, children suffering from physical deformities or elderly people, occupational therapy might be for you.

Study pathway

Postgraduate courses up to master level are available in occupational therapy, but all tend to require a bachelor degree in the field beforehand.

The Graduate Certificate in Occupational Therapy is usually a six month program that augments prior knowledge in the field with cutting edge developments students may not have otherwise encountered. Curtin University’s program lasts for six months and features just this; students can expect to learn new evidence-based practices and principles based on new research.

Graduate diplomas in occupational therapy offer more extensive and general knowledge in the field, equipping them to branch out in areas of their choosing or undergo more specialised master level study later on. Australian Catholic University offers the Graduate Diploma in Rehabilitation, which is a year long program if undergone full time. It is designed to equip students with the means to deal with those with neurological or general developmental disorders, reflecting the nature of many other diplomas in the field. These courses are designed for students with prior experience in the field, similar to the graduate certificate.

Master level occupational therapy courses provide the means and accreditation to enter the field. The Master of Occupational Therapy Practice from Monash University is an example of this, offering a high level of scenario based learning for the sake of practical development over two years.

Employment options

Pediatric occupational therapist

This career path is for those who want to help struggling children overcome their adversities. Occupational therapists in this field will need to learn skills specific to the management of children. Companies like See You Thru and Novita are ideal places to become employed in this area, conducting specialist rehabilitation programs designed for children.

Geriatric occupational therapist

Occupational therapists seeking to aid the elderly in everyday affairs are well-advised to enter this field. Companies like Gold Age offer exactly this kind of support, providing the means to set out routines, plan, prioritise and create goals that generate positive growth in elderly clients.

Physical rehabilitation specialist

This field generally concerns the proper management of physical difficulties. Be it a 30 year old amputee, young child with a physical disability or older person with arthritis, physical rehabilitation specialists are perfect for helping sufferers of any physical issue restore order to their lifestyle.


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