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Midwifery is the discipline of caring for pregnant women before, during and after birth. It is a specialisation of nursing that demands further postgraduate study in order to attain proper accreditation and knowledge for the role. Although obstetricians take care of childbirth in hospitals, there are countless areas of the world where midwives are crucially important.

This field has been a necessity for as long as women have been giving birth. Laws concerning its recognition have been discovered as early as 1900 BCE in Ancient Egypt, with early laws concerning its legitimacy as a profession appearing much later in 15th century France. Prior to the 20th century, women had to personally give birth to be considered qualified. This is no longer a necessity to the relief of male midwives.

The world still has need of this profession despite the advent of hospitals and obstetricians, making it a fulfilling and in-demand career. Postgraduate study in this field is a great way to deepen existing knowledge of midwifery for the benefit of expecting women worldwide.

Is midwifery for me?

Patient students who empathise with the difficulty of pregnancy can seek a fulfilling career as a midwife. Postgraduate study in the field is perfect for those who want a recognised qualification to go with their nursing degree, or extend their existing capabilities as a midwife. If you’re compassionate, knowledgeable and a diligent nurse, you could be one qualification away from being an excellent midwife.

Study pathway

Postgraduate midwifery tends to require a background in nursing to commence, as all courses at all levels require extensive prerequisite knowledge. Qualifications range from graduate certificate to master level, the latter being slightly more uncommon.

The Graduate Certificate in Midwifery and similar programs tend to be aimed at existing midwives wishing to deepen their understanding of the field. The rendition of this course offered by Flinders University is an example of this, requiring applicants to already be registered midwives. These courses take six months to complete if taken full time, or a year if part time.

The Graduate Diploma in Midwifery is aimed at nurses wishing to specialise, making it ideal for aspiring midwives rather than those already qualified. Courses like those from Curtin University come with the added bonus of being government funded. These tend to take one year if undergone full time, or two years if part time.

Master level midwifery courses are slightly harder to find, but are still offered by institutions like James Cook University. These courses are similar to graduate certificates in that they require students to be midwives already at the time of enrolling. These courses tend to take a year and a half to complete full time, with potential to complete the degree even faster depending on prior relevant postgraduate study such as the Graduate Diploma in Midwifery.

Employment options

Infertility specialist

Midwives are valuable for educating women on fertility issues they might experience and treatments available. IVF Australia employs nurses with midwifery qualifications for this specific purpose, making it a valid career path for midwives.

Teen pregnancy specialist

The particularly difficult waters of teen pregnancy are well-suited to a midwife. Teenagers have different physiology to adults; being able to navigate those differences while remaining true to one’s training is a highly useful skill. Best Beginnings is a company formed to address this specific issue, employing midwives specifically for managing teen pregnancies.

High risk carer

It is an unfortunate fact of life that some infants aren’t given a fair chance. Midwives in this line of employment serve the important role of managing and interpreting the risks of complicated pregnancies.


Midwives can serve a variety of similar but specialised roles. A few of these include:

Advice for Midwifery Courses

Midwife examining belly of pregnant woman with CTG scanning.
Study advice

Midwifery can be highly rewarding, but there are a few caveats to observe when applying for postgraduate courses.

Midwife checking a pregnant woman at home.
Study advice

Midwifery is essential to the safety and comfort of mothers and their children everywhere. With the right education, you can gain the skills to enter this noble field.


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Edith Cowan University (ECU)

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