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Audiology is the study and treatment of hearing conditions. Audiologist work tirelessly to gain the knowledge and skill needed to fully understand how human hearing works so they can better manage the health problems they encounter in patients. Postgraduate study allows students from health disciplines to become acquainted with essential knowledge in adult hearing assessment, clinical practice, hearing devices, objective assessment strategies and more.

The famed medical scroll ‘Ebers’ is the earliest known piece of audiological history, detailing obscure treatment methods dating back to 1550 BCE. Hippocrates of ancient Greece was known to study hearing loss during the fourth century BCE, but audiology only saw its first real growth in the 1920s AD when the audiometer was designed. The 1940s provided need for many sorts of medical advancements due to the scale of injury occurring on the frontlines, with audiology being no exception.

Today the advancements learned from science and observation serve people around the world. Modern audiologists are able to treat hearing conditions that just a few decades ago would have been incurable.

Is audiology for me?

Those with the drive, ambition and respect for the importance of hearing can make fine audiologists. People complete their perceptions of the world through use of all their senses, so empathy for those who lack hearing is a noble attribute. If you’re the kind of person with a fascination for hearing and the human body, audiology could be for you.

Study pathway

Master degrees are the most common avenue of postgraduate study, with doctorates, graduate certificates and diplomas being more uncommon. These degrees are quite comprehensive however, with institutions like the University of Queensland and Macquarie University offering students the chance to specialise in either theory or clinical practice respectively. Students can be expected to learn about aural rehabilitation strategies, extensive units on clinical practice, advanced use of hearing devices, speech perception and more depending on their interests. These courses normally take two years of full time study to complete, but can take up to four years if undergone part time.

Employment options

Audiologists are required at hospitals and clinics around the world, making them very employable. Companies like ENH Audiology and Audiology Australia thrive off not only recruiting and training audiologists, but offering the chance to become accredited. These companies foster professional development while helping audiologists build and improve their careers. Those curious for more information on employment and career prospects can contact them on their respective websites.

Advice for Audiology Courses

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Choosing the right postgraduate degree type is important. Your decision should be informed by what you want to do after you finish studying.


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Edith Cowan University (ECU)

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Edith Cowan University (ECU)

Discover courses, get advice from staff, watch demos and enjoy music, food and games.