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‘TESOL’ is an acronym referring to the teaching of English to speakers of other languages. English is becoming a necessity for participation in global commerce, so bringing speakers of other languages into the global discourse through English language teaching is a useful occupation.

The TESOL International Association was founded in 1966 out of concern that English language educators and administrators weren’t working closely enough. It took over four years for it to be formed, but in the end it was worthwhile. Nowadays English language teachers can share resources and advice with one another in order to bring English to people on a scale never seen before.

Postgraduate students of TESOL will find themselves able to impart crucial knowledge that could positively influence the futures of their students. This makes it an important and fulfilling area of study.

Is TESOL for me?

TESOL is for language enthusiasts who wish to use their knowledge in benefitting those who can’t yet speak English. Patience is one of the most significant virtues in this field, as it may take hundreds of attempts to learn each concept depending on the student. With persistence comes reward in the form of seeing your students succeed, however. If this sounds like you, that reward could be yours.

Study pathway

Postgraduate TESOL students can take courses up to master level. They have varying lengths and differing purposes.

Graduate certificates in TESOL generally take six months to complete and provide the tools to teach English as an additional language. Courses like those offered by the University of Melbourne equip graduates with specialised methodology, as well as techniques for teaching grammar. These courses tend to require a four-year bachelor degree to enter.

The Graduate Diploma in TESOL is the next step up, giving students the opportunity to focus their efforts on teaching children, teenagers or working internationally. Institutions like the University of Wollongong offer these courses to students with a prior bachelor level degree, with preference granted to those with a background in linguistics, English literature or TESOL.

Master level TESOL courses are for those who desire a comprehensive understanding of English language teaching techniques and the relevance of associated theory. Institutions like Monash University offer these courses to students holding a bachelor level degree with at least a credit GPA.

Employment options

Business english teacher

The fact so much global business is conducted in English is an opportunity for TESOL professionals. There is consequently a great deal of demand for education in English as applied to business. Gold Star Teachers offer ample opportunity for professionals in this field to teach English in China, for instance.

Private tutor

Being self-employed is a viable choice for TESOL graduates. It’s an opportunity to provide English education to those who would otherwise be unable to attend a dedicated class, or might simply prefer one on one teaching scenarios. If going at it alone isn’t for you, companies like TESall hire out English tutors all over the world.

TESOL researcher

Graduates in TESOL can join the TESOL International Association as a researcher and contribute new theory and methodology to the field by way of journals and academic papers. This is an excellent way to use this knowledge, as it could benefit the entire community of English language teachers worldwide.


Specialisations concerning TESOL are normally to do with a specific nationality or culture. For example, one TESOL graduate might choose to teach English to native Arabic speakers, whereas another might go to Brazil and teach English to Portuguese speakers. This leads to many different sorts of TESOL specialisation, each requiring a different array of linguistic skills coupled with the methodology common to all TESOL graduates.

Advice for TESOL Courses

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TESOL requires a very particular set of extra skills on top of a standard education degree. Are you the right kind of person to enter a career in TESOL?


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