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Mechanical Engineering Courses overview

Mechanical engineering is the study of how machinery is designed, maintained and operated, an essential academic discipline for keeping society running as we know it.

Mechanical engineering is one of the oldest staples of the engineering academic field. Mechanical engineers use the laws of physics and maths to create and build the mechanical devices that keep the modern world turning.

Is mechanical engineering for me?

Those who wish to study mechanical engineering should enjoy and be adept at mathematics and physics.

Mechanical engineers usually have working knowledge of many of the different devices and mechanical systems that society relies on. This includes computer applications, electrical systems, communication networks, and many more.

Mechanical engineering allows for diverse job prospects, so you could be entering into a work environment with rarely a dull moment.

Additionally, because mechanical engineers can apply their skills to so many different uses, job prospects and starting salaries are positive for recent graduates.

Study pathway

Those who wish to become mechanical engineers and join the National Engineering Register with Engineering Australia must meet first hold a bachelor’s degree in engineering before they can apply. They also should have professional experience, evidence of continuing professional development, and hold insurance before they can join the Register.

In order to get the professional experience necessary as a mechanical engineer, studying postgraduate degrees can be a helpful step on the way to gainful employment, albeit not an essential one. Many people with undergraduate engineering degrees can find jobs in the field without necessarily completing postgraduate studies due to the high demand for those in the industry.

Employment options & specialisations

Mechanical engineer

Mechanical engineers are employed across a range of different industries. The job description includes overlapping aspects from many different engineering disciplines. While mechanical engineering once referred to classic construction, design and operation of vehicles, now the job description may encompass many fields. These could include nanotechnology, mechatronics, manufacturing, electrical engineering, and other exciting cutting-edge fields (read more).

Acoustical engineer

Involving the application of vibration and sound, acoustical engineers can work on a variety of mechanical sound projects. Their aim could be to enhance sound quality of spaces or to reduce excessive noise from mechanical devices and vehicles (read more).

Aerospace engineer

Aerospace engineers are also known as aeronautical engineers and/or astronautical engineers. This profession deals with the mechanics of sending vehicles that travel in the air and in space. Due to the complex nature of this profession, teams comprised of specialists will be involved in the process (read more).

Automotive engineer

Automobile engineers predominantly focus on the design, manufacture, modification, production and performance of vehicles such as cars, trucks and motorbikes (read more).

Manufacturing engineer

Manufacturing engineers involves production of all manner of products. Tasks vary from tool and machine design, research into methods of production, innovating production processes, and improving the facilities and systems that create items (read more).

Advice for Mechanical Engineering Courses

Postgrad Australia Master of Engineering
Choosing a course

The two year Master of Engineering program prepares students for a specialised career in a range of engineering disciplines.


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Student Stories

University of Melbourne
Wakiuru studied a Master of Engineering as a pathway to a career in consulting.
CQUniversity Australia (CQU)
Rakshit is studying a Master of Management for Engineers at CQUniversity.


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