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Anthropology is the study of the various human cultures in the world today and in the past. It delves into human history, behavior, environment adaptation, communication and socialisation with one another. The study of anthropology is focused on both biological features that make us human (such as physiology, genetic construction, nutritional history and evolution) and social aspects (such as language, culture, politics, family and religion).

Studying anthropology gives us a solid grasp of human origins and blends together the various human cultures into one large journey of humanity from the beginning of our existence to the present day. In doing so, it can also help us understand more about where our cultures might be going in the future because we predict future trends based on past growth and progress.

Is anthropology for me?

If you find interest in people and enjoy learning different aspects about humanity then anthropology might be the right course for you. Studying anthropology will help you understand how humans differ with other species as well as explore the influences of human biology and social culture on human behaviour.

Study pathway

Many postgraduate programs focus on hands-on experience to build the skills needed to conduct anthropological research in academics, business, government and the non-profit sector.

Graduate certificates and diplomas in anthropology are designed for students who have developed an interest in the subject, but who may have relatively little prior formal background in it. These are entry level graduate programs aimed at students who wish to pursue graduate studies in anthropology.

Master’s of anthropology allow students to delve deeper into a specialised topic, ranging from areas such as cultural, social, development and many other fields of anthropology. Completing a master’s degree will also make you a qualified candidate for a PhD in anthropology.

A PhD program in anthropology explores more on methods, theory, concepts, literature and issues related to anthropology through intensive study, fieldwork and hands-on research.

If you’re looking to extend your studies of anthropology in Australia, you’ll be eligible for membership to the Australian Anthropological Society. This recognises your sound understanding of issues, theories and methods associated with anthropology as a social science discipline.

Employment options

Anthropology is a diverse discipline therefore offering a broad selection of employment opportunities, ranging from academics to businesses, health and human services, government agencies and non-profit sector. Some of the most popular anthropology career paths available to graduates are explored below.

Social research

Social researchers explore different techniques and methods in gathering and analysing data which are used to investigate attitudes, behaviour and experiences of population samples on specific issues (read more).

Policy development

Pursuing careers in policy development will allow anthropology graduates to apply their knowledge of human cultures and communications to aid in the development of better and more effective policies (read more).

Media and communications

There is demand for people with an anthropology background in the field of media and communications. For instance, an anthropology graduate with an interest in contemporary communication may land a career in writing and editing, TV and radio broadcasting, journalism, design and video production, to name a few (read more).

Arts, culture and heritage management

You may also find a wide range of career opportunities in the arts, culture and heritage sector, ranging from positions in museums and galleries to roles centered on education and community services (read more).


Careers in education may provide you with training as a primary or secondary level teacher, or you may pursue a master’s or PhD study if your wish to work in a university. Other careers in education include adult education, professional training and language teaching (read more).

Speech and language

Graduates with a specialisation in linguistic anthropology may find opportunities in helping people with speech, language and communication problems (read more).

Community/social work

An anthropology degree lays the foundation for understanding human behaviors and cultures, therefore opening doors for a wide range of careers in the fields of community and social work. Community and social workers help in forming relationships with individuals and groups, and supporting them in finding solutions to problems they face either as individuals or as a group (read more).


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