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Primary teaching is dedicated to the early years of schooling. Seven to twelve year olds are given foundational skills and knowledge that will assist them for the rest of their lives. Postgraduate study offers students from varied backgrounds the chance to gain accreditation to teach primary education in Australia or overseas. It provides skills in child learning, literacy and mathematics preparation in conjunction with a host of education theory.

The field has an immense history spanning back thousands of years. The Middle Kingdom of Mentuhotep II played host to the first school in 2000 BCE. The old Sumerian saying, ‘he who would excel in the school of the scribes must rise with the dawn’ held true in these institutions; students of wealthy Egyptian merchants or temple officials worked tirelessly to learn writing. Institutions soon began teaching more than this, however. The Indian Vedic era of 1500 BCE saw the teaching of logic, mathematics and the sciences. The Zhou dynasty 500 years later taught students calligraphy.

Education systems are now specialised and cover a broad range of topics. Primary teachers expose students to a broad palette of knowledge, helping them develop into wiser adults.

Is primary teaching for me?

Primary teaching is for those with a love of learning and seeing children grow. It is a rewarding career, where your inputs and passions could very well shape the lives of future contributors to society. If you’re the kind of person who can bear this responsibility with patience, passion for the craft and a watchful eye, primary teaching could be ideal for you.

Study pathway

Postgraduate study can be taken up to master level, with graduate certificates and diplomas being available for varying needs and study commitments.

Graduate certificates provide specialised learning opportunities, with each certificate focussing on a different discipline. Western Sydney University, for instance, provides a graduate certificate in both primary mathematics and primary science education. They also take only six months of full time study to complete or a year if part time, making them ideal for rounding off an existing knowledge of education.

Graduate diplomas provide a more broad skill set, generally featuring units in contemporary teaching issues, teaching principles, global education and lesson design. They take one year of full time study to complete, or two years part time. These programs tend to require an undergraduate degree, but it can be from any discipline.

Master degrees are ideal for gaining professional accreditation as a primary teacher despite coming from an entirely different discipline. These offer the chance to learn an abundance of teaching fundamentals specific to the primary age group. Institutions like the University of Newcastle provide in-depth units on curriculum design, diverse students, advanced literacy and numeracy studies, schooling in relation to society and much more. These programs take one and a half to two years of full time study to complete, with part time study taking up to four years.

Employment options

Primary teachers can seek employment in schools all around the country, with associations like the Australian Professionals Teachers Association being available to provide mentoring, advice and networking opportunities to professionals young and old. There are even associations for specific disciplines, such as the Australian Science Teachers Association. The interconnectedness of the profession is conducive of high employment and career development opportunities.


There are as many specialisations of primary teaching as there are subjects, with some of the following being examples:

English teacher

Providing students with the means to read and write is one of the most vital things they will ever learn, allowing them to effectively interact with the world. These professionals help young students develop speaking confidence as well, assisting with pronunciation of words and associating sounds with letters. The Australian Association for the Teaching of English is a great resource for professional teachers and aspirants alike.

Mathematics teacher

These professionals have the important role of supervising the numeracy development of children, which could have an incredible effect on their lives. Many of the most coveted jobs of this day and age require mathematical proficiency; primary school is where passion for mathematics is either forged or falters.

The Australian Association of Mathematics Teachers provides aspirants and professionals with the means to congregate and share their experiences. They host a variety of workshops and seminars for the development of its members.

Advice for Primary Teaching Courses

Getting a job

The number of graduates in Victoria applying to become teachers has dropped sharply by nearly 40 per cent in a single year.

A male teacher having a class with primary pupils.
Study advice

Being a primary school teacher can be highly rewarding, but the barrier to entry is a postgraduate qualification. Fortunately, there are some simple ways to boost your chances of entry.

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Funding & scholarships

Giving up a salary is one of the biggest costs in deciding to continue into postgraduate study, so any financial support provided to students is very important.


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Marie Dascoli
Swinburne University of Technology
Marie studied a Bachelor of Arts (Psychology & Forensic Science and graduated in 2014 and is completing a Master of Teaching (Primary) at Swinburne University of Technology.


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