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Power of Philosophy highlighted in yellow on a book.
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Philosophy gives you the mental tools to contemplate and analyse exceptionally difficult problems, but where can you take these skills?

Physics diagrams and formulas chalk handwriting on green blackboard.
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Physics allows us to unravel the most marvellous secrets of the universe. With a postgraduate qualification, you could be right at the forefront of our greatest discoveries.

A female artist holding drawing materials.
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The ability to express yourself through works of art and design is rewarding, but how can you set yourself up for success? We’re here to help.


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Student Stories

Kaplan Professional
Alexandra is a Principal with Avoca Capital Advisors and has completed a Master's degree at Kaplan Professional
Kaplan Professional
Dominic secured a role in finance at Scottish Pacific while completing his Master of Applied Finance with Kaplan Professional.
Stephanie Ling Ling Choo
University of Melbourne
Stephanie studied Bachelor of Science (Physiology major) in 2016 and finished her Master of Biomedical Science in 2018 at The University of Melbourne.

Lecturer Profiles

Victoria University (VU)
Khandakar is the course chair of the Grad Certificate of Cyber Security and is an IT lecturer at Victoria University