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Postgrad Australia Master of Business Administration (MBA)
Choosing a course

The Master of Business Administration (MBA) is an intensive program designed to prepare candidates for a management career within their chosen field.

Postgrad Australia Great project management careers for postgrads
Getting a job

Project management is an enormously broad discipline. That said, postgrads are well-suited to several specialisations in particular.

Solar Observatory at Exmouth, Australia
Study advice

The earth sciences are an incredibly broad selection. There’s a lot to take in when considering your study options.


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Kaplan Professional
Michael Ward studied a Master of Financial Planning at Kaplan Professional and is now a Director at Maxim Private Wealth
Tamara Sopek
The University of Queensland (UQ)
Tamara studied a Master of Aeronautical Engineering and completed a PhD in Aerospace Engineering at the The University of Queensland in 2018.
Kaplan Professional
Alexandra is a Principal with Avoca Capital Advisors and has completed a Master's degree at Kaplan Professional

Lecturer Profiles

Victoria University (VU)
Khandakar is the course chair of the Grad Certificate of Cyber Security and is an IT lecturer at Victoria University