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The National Institute of Organisation Dynamics Australia (NIODA)

The National Institute of Organisation Dynamics Australia (NIODA) Videos

Master of Leadership and Management (Organisation Dynamics)

This is the only management course in Australia that takes a psychodynamic view of human behaviour.

It's not an MBA!

Are you looking to further your career in leadership and management, but are after a course focussed on how to work with…

'This' by Susan Campbell, NIODA Graduation 2018

Graduation speech 'This' by Susan Campbell, student representative and Prof John Newton Award recipient for Academic Exc…

Not an online leadership and management course! Testimonial

The value of a face-to-face learning environment and one that supports learning from both educators and peers.

Learning to see below the surface: Testimonial

Beyond mainstream management concepts which focus on strategies and structures, this course goes deeper to explore the u…

Developing leadership: Testimonial

Finding the language, frameworks and tools for what was known intuitively, but had never been able to explain using mana…

Change the way you work at work: Testimonial

New insight as a leader or manager can be gained to change the way you work at work. Karen Olver, alumni.

Intuitive Leadership Workshop NIODA

A workshop with a difference! Focusing on developing new leadership intelligence, including horse ‘whispering’. Intuit…