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Studying mums: The give and take

Being a studying parent is all about the give and take of the uni/family juggle. These mums shared what they sacrificed and kept sacred within their everyday routines to try and find the balance between study and family life. While some things had to give, others became their ‘non-negotiables’. Discover your study mum style and a great range of parenting resources at Social Hub.

" What are some sacrifices that you have made?

I've sacrificed our quality of life at the moment, so that we can have a better quality of life after. 

Friendship. All the girls that grew up with in this community, Toowoomba community. Having a different learning journey to mine and we used to have a very socially active group and they would ring and say, 'we're doing this today, are you coming over?', and I'd have to say 'no,sorry. I'm prepping for an exam'. So even though, we're still friends, it's just that we're on a different paths."