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Made Possible by Melbourne

" Melbourne has hundreds of reasons to be found. It's the world's most livable city, we have the MCG, great coffee, laneways, nightlife, food, history, culture, rice that can improve half the world's diet, drones that allow farmers to better manage crops, breakthroughs in prenatal care that could save thousands of unborn lives.  Melbourne has hundreds of reasons to be proud, now you can discover the reasons you may not have known-- " 

Where great minds collide

When the brightest minds come together, we achieve incredible things. " When great minds collide, giant leaps are made. -- 'Facial region is reconstructed with a 3D printed jaw implant.' 'Researchers are on the verge of circumventing a global water shortage using sophisticated computer models'  History tells us that to achieve these things that impact us all, knowledge is not enough. It must collide with imagination. " 

Melbourne Collides: the Face of Melbourne

To celebrate the importance of meeting minds and collaboration, we recently held an event at Queensbridge Square in Southbank. Watch what happened. " So today, we're really excited to be down at Southbank to share our new campaign. So it launches today and we want to find a really interesting way to launch the campaign.  It's a glorious spring morning here at Southbank and hundreds of people have been lining up to have their photograph taken as part of a composite portrait of Melbourne. 

New engineering campus at Fishermans Bend: 360 video

The University of Melbourne will build a new, seven-hectare campus at Fishermans Bend as part of its almost $1 billion commitment to create a world-class engineering school for the 21st century. 

Divyani Nag - Master of Finance

Find out why the Master of Finance at Melbourne Business School is so highly sought after

Nick Taylor - Master of Commerce (Management)

"I think in management consulting, critical thinking, problem solving and communication is involved in amost everything we do. Although no single degree MBS could necessarily equip you with all these skills. I think for me, the combination of coursework seminar style classes and the cohort sent me off a success. " 

Why study the Master of Tertiary Education Management?

" I thought the Masters in Tertiary Education Management would be excellent for me, because it has given me exposure to other higher education systems and other trainings, which have taken place around the world.  We've got people that we're working with who are world leaders in this area. So you don't get that everyday. And you don't get that in every course. " 

Study the Master of Sports Medicine online at the University of Melbourne: What you will learn

The University of Melbourne is now offering 100% online courses in sports medicine, sports rehabilitation and rehabilitation science.

The Online Master of Psychiatry

The Online Master of Psychiatry "With the need to improve the delivery of psychiatric care to a broader cross-section of the community, the University of Melbourne's renowned Master of Psychiatry course is now being offered online to extend our impact and improve the quality of all people  suffering from mental illness.