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Fatemeh Salarpour

I have always been inspired by the complexity of interdisciplinary work.

I have always been inspired by the complexity of interdisciplinary work. When I began my studies at College Shahid Beheshti, I intended to major in hematology. I was fascinated by the richness of a subject that had applications in logic, language, truth, mind, aesthetics, and ethics; Hematology seemed a rich field with limitless boundaries for problem-solving in many diseases.

I also knew that I enjoyed the descriptive and quantitative nature of coagulation and leukemia. Thus, in my first semester at College Shahid Beheshti, I decided to try a medical course. My first project aimed to build a toy that taught a transcription factors concept demonstrated in acute myeloid leukemia. At the end of this project, I got to teach a class of enthusiastic 6th graders about leukemia stem cells and another related subject. During the eighteen months I spent preparing my thesis, I developed strong critical thinking and research skills, and working closely with my professors on this project showed me the importance of collaborative research.

My time in undergraduate schooling has also taught me that I love to learn. I currently hold a near-perfect GPA but this is not because of innate intelligence or grade-fixation. I attribute my academic success far more to hard work and a love of learning. For me, the challenge was to make the trip a fulfilling experience for all of them, and accomplishing this challenge was what motivated me. There is no better feeling than finishing a long day, lying down in your tent and thinking wow, we really did a lot of good today. I want to get the same feeling from my career.