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    AMA EH Embley Memorial Medal in Anaesthesia

    Key details

    $500 + engraved medal

    About this scholarship

    Applications  for 2018 are now closed.

    Sponsored by Australian Medical Assocation (AMA) Victoria.


    $500 plus an engraved medal.

    Disclaimer: The benefit amount for this award is approximate. It will be confirmed at the time of awarding and determined by the committee according to the terms of the award.


    Awarded to the Doctor of Medicine student who submits the best case report related to anaesthesia, perioperative medicine or pain medicine.


    The winner will be determined by a panel of three judges comprising of:

    • the Chair of Anaesthesia
    • a Director of Anaesthesia and,
    • a Pain Medicine Specialist from a hospital affiliated with the Melbourne Medical School.


    Students should submit a case report (of approximately 2000 words) on the area of anaesthesia, perioperative or pain medicine.

    For application forms and submission details please refer to MDConnect announcement dated 10 Sept 2018.


    Please contact the MMS Prize Administrator at mms-studentawards@unimelb.edu.au


    Information regarding writing case reports can be found at https://www.care-statement.org/.

    A sample case report will also been provided to students via the MD Connect announcement.


    • Masters (Coursework)
    • Female
    • Male