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Deakin University

  • 21% international / 79% domestic

Engineering. Ingenious.

Deakin University is proud to be working with industry and government to inspire the next generation of ingenious engineers. Study Engineering at Deakin University's Centre for Advanced Design in Engineering Training (CADET) and gain access to some of the best future-focused engineering and design facilities in Australia.

"Engineering, a word. A word with 11 letters. A word with 4 syllables. A word with 10,000 meanings and infinite application. What do you think when you hear this word? What do you feel?
Do you picture monolithic structures, dirty blue overalls, or steam-driven machinery? Can you almost feel the heat of a furnace or hear the deep roar of a jet enginer? 

These associations are as old as the discipline itself. But do they capture its essence, delve deeper into the world a new images emerge. "