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Rakshit Patel

I learned so many things about mechanical engineering from my education from school to university graduation.

Hi. I am Rakshit Patel, a young and enthusiastic engineer from India. I have completed my secondary studies with technical subjects. I learned welding, fabrication work, turning machine operations, fitter trade operations, some plumbing operations, forging operations and many mechanical related operations in school. Then I started to learn mechanical engineering is a very vast field and it is the art of using problem-solving techniques and applying them to the design and manufacturing of products. That's why I chose mechanical engineering to shape my future. To enter engineering college, I completed my higher secondary education in the science stream as well as diploma in mechanical engineering. I learned so many things about mechanical engineering from my education from school to university graduation.

If we see anything around us which is manmade, in everything somehow there are mechanical operations already involved. Mechanical engineering contributes very important role in development of human lives and make it easier to live, I learned all that simple things in my engineering time.

I always wanted to do a master's from some reputed college, but in India very few courses are available and due to the reservation system in India it's really very tough to get admitted to your desired college. That's the reason why I choose an Australian university for completing my postgraduate study. Engineering management is a growing field worldwide and it's a field in which you learn two major subjects (Engineering + Management) in one course and this course also help me to broaden my skill set. Doing a master's is always expensive, but I personally believe that if we do a master's to reach our goals, the money we spent on it is investment for future. I spent 10 years in engineering field for study and have 3 year of experience in same field. After completing a Masters in Engineering Management I have strong hope that i will find my desired job in some reputed organisation and fulfill my dream.