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Benjamin Christmass

I am a passionate individual when it comes to community outreach and engagement with a life long goal of doing humanitarian work in third world countries.

Hello there, my name is Benjamin Christmass and I am a Cardiac Physiologist in the regional area of Widebay and Burnett in Central Queensland. I am a passionate individual when it comes to community outreach and engagement with a life long goal of doing humanitarian work in third world countries. In the meantime, I am focused on what I can do in my own backyard (Australia).

I have previously studied a Bachelor of Medical Science (Clinical Investigation) which allowed me to begin to develop my knowledge and understanding of the human body and the diagnostic approach to human pathology. I was diagnosed with a congenital condition called Wolfe-Parkinson-White syndrome which is a condition of the heart and was life-threatening. Due to the nature of my degree, I was undertaking my work placement at a Cardiac Investigations Unit at the local public hospital and found that I had this condition rather unexpectedly and so my interest in cardiology was born and I have now been working with regional cardiologists and technicians for the better part of three years. This gave me valuable insight as to what it means to have a heart condition, to be a patient and the following subsequent treatment and consultations. I now have a deep understanding of what it feels to be a layman in a universe of acronyms and confusing terminology.

Now I am starting my Masters / PhD studies in Public Health with the field of focus on the socio-ecological model of health, the determinants of low socio-economic factors on health and well-being and how we are able to improve access, prevention and treatment to those most vulnerable in society. This coupled with on-going research in my local clinic will allow me to begin my PhD studies in the future and assist in the development of health care in the Widebay Burnett region.

Alongside my work in Cardiology and re-commencement of my tertiary studies I am also directly involved in fundraising programs for drought relief for farmers in Queensland, I have presented Community Outreach and Engagement briefs and synopses at my corporate headquarters for their AGM to challenge corporate healthcare culture to do more for the community; have volunteered in the past in Aged Care facilities and am utilizing my current studies to further my education on outreach programs for the elderly, education and awareness of dementia and men's health.

The goals I have for the near future are that of the continuing effort of fundraising in the community, outreach programs that involve healthcare providers in the region and furthering my education to benefit my local community and to be the driving change to increase the awareness of health issues affecting (particularly) my community and increasing access and treatment for individuals that lack appropriate continuity-of-care and education. The commencement of my Masters in Public Health will greatly aid in this endeavour.

Thank you for your time,

Warm Regards,
Benjamin Christmass