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Anoj Pradhan

For me, this degree is very essential, as I have always dreamt to be an accountant since my school days.

Due to the untimely demise of my father, I was raised by a single mother, who did her utmost in raising and educating me. She sacrificed much of her happiness and comfort just so that I can get a proper education. She has financed my studies to date. However, as of this moment, it is quite prohibitive for her to finance my studies. She has always inspired me to be a better person and live a happy life. It was she, who encouraged me to be a member of Leo Club, Nepal. Through this membership, I have participated and served in numerous community activities and leadership programme. Similarly, I have also worked as an assistant account when I was in Nepal. However, education was always my primary priority. Because of this, I choose Australia to pursue my postgraduate degree.

For me, this degree is very essential, as I have always dreamt to be an accountant since my school days. Accounting is such a profession which facilitates in the overall stability of the society. Upon completing this degree, I will be returning back to my country and utilize all the expertise and knowledge gained during my study in the development of my country. My country is a developing nation and has been severely impacted by corruption especially in the government sector. Due to which my country has not been able to develop its economy. Still, in this modern age, most of the government offices in my country are utilizing traditional paper and pen system for accounting. This is the main reason for flourishing corruption in my country. After I finish my degree, I will be eligible to be a member in The Association of Chartered Accountants of Nepal (ACAN). With the help of this membership and the knowledge and skill which I will develop from this degree, I want to work in the Ministry of Finance, Nepal and establish and develop an effective accounting system which will enable transparency in the figures. Through which I can fight against corruption and give something back to my mother nation. So, therefore I need to complete this degree in order to accomplish my dream.