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Bachelor of Philosophy (Honours) - Science

  • Bachelor (Honours)

Inspire your curious mind with the Bachelor of Philosophy (Honours). There's no other degree like it in Australia.

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Degree Type
Bachelor (Honours)
4 years full-time
Course Code
APHSC, 043746B
Study Mode
In person
International Fees
$46,910 total

About this course

Inspire your curious mind with the Bachelor of Philosophy (Honours).

There's no other degree like it in Australia. You'll get to explore your interests by undertaking research as an undergraduate student, get one-on-one mentoring by leading academics... all while enjoying the camaraderie of a group of like-minded students.

The research you'll do throughout your degree is excellent preparation for your fourth, or Honours year of your PhB. You will undertake a year-long research project under the guidance of an academic supervisor. This is where you can really indulge your passion and explore a topic in detail.

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Please note that if you are commencing your studies in semester 2 there may be restrictions on the courses available for enrolment. We strongly recommend that you make an appointment with an academic advisor (PhB.science.enquiries@anu.edu.au or phoning 6125 2809) to discuss your options. There will also be advisory sessions offered during the week before semester commences.

The Bachelor of Philosophy (Honours) - Science or PhB is a unique degree that allows intellectually ambitious students to explore their interests, develop their research skills and be mentored by leading academics, while enjoying the camaraderie of a group of like-minded students. The PhB degree has been offered in Science since 2003. Regardless of your main focus, there is room in the degree for you to explore other disciplines.

The four year PhB degree is designed with flexibility in mind - each PhB program is as individual as the student taking it. Each year, you will work with your mentor to tailor a program you will find stimulating and challenging, including courses from other Colleges for those who wish to pursue cross-disciplinary interests.

One quarter of the studies, in the first three years, consists of individually tailored Advanced Studies specifically designed to provide you with a strong base in research. In these courses you typically join a research team to conduct a hands-on research project under the supervision of an academic in your chosen science area. Other options include a theoretical project, for example in Mathematics, a reading course with a world-leading scientist or an external research project with CSIRO, industry or other organisations. In the fourth or Honours year of a PhB, you will undertake a research project for most of the year under the guidance of an academic supervisor.

After completion of your first year of study, the Conditions of Award Committee will determine each semester whether your level of performance is sufficient to remain in the degree program. It is possible to transfer to another undergraduate degree program and receive credit for work successfully completed in the PhB. To remain enrolled in the PhB degree, students must maintain an average mark of 75 percent in all their Science courses in each half-year-period.

To qualify for the degree the Honours year must be completed with first class honours.

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