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Adamson University

Adamson University is a Catholic University based in the heart of Manila. Dr. George Lucas Adamson, a Greek chemist, founded it in 1932 as the Adamson School of Industrial Chemistry. It became a university in 1941 and in 1964, the Congregation of the Mission, or the Vincentians, became the new owners and administrators.

Adamson University’s flagship program is Engineering but the quality of all the programs in all the nine colleges is indicated by various accreditations, its Autonomous Status and its ISO 9001:2015 Certification. These are sustained by the constant upgrading of equipment and facilities, the professional development of faculty and staff, the strengthening of research and the institutionalization of outreach services; but while the quality education improves, its affordability remains.

Adamson University has gone global through the admission of international students, partnerships with foreign institutions and organizations, ASEAN integration, and the establishment of alumni chapters throughout the world.

Students Life Overview

An Adamsonian education is a twofold package: an enriching of the mind and a molding of a character that embraces the Vincentian spirit of compassion for the socially disadvantaged. Students get the best of both worlds, bringing with them the same dual grooming as they take on careers. As part of the workforce, Adamsonians have made important contributions that impact on society as a whole.