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Doctor of Epidemiology

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Doctor of Epidemiology overview

PhD level study in epidemiology is ideal for those wishing to becoming proficient researchers and statisticians in the global battle against disease. These programs often take the form of philosophy degrees with a specialisation in public health.

Employment options

Having a PhD in this field provides graduates with improved ability to gain seniority in fields such as research or statistics. Teaching and research roles in general are excellent fits for PhDs in epidemiology.

Scholarships and funding

Funding opportunities are normally generalised to all PhD programs; the CSIRO hosts a scholarship for high-achieving prospective PhD students for a period of three years, for instance. In any case the requirements for funding are generally results-based at the PhD level rather than contingent upon miscellaneous criteria.

Prerequisites and selection process

This and similar programs boast an enormous research component, often requiring an 80,000 - 100,000 word thesis over the course of four years. Entry is therefore preceded by evidence of a prior thesis-based degree to prove the student is capable of this undertaking, in addition to successful completion of the Master of Epidemiology.