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Top business professors across Australia

James Davis

Careers Commentator
A university is only as good as its professors. That’s why we’ve compiled some of the best across the country to help when choosing an institution.

Choice of institution is almost important as the education itself these days. More employers than ever are preferring students from top universities. A Grattan HILDA study from 2014 discovered that graduates from Group of Eight institutions earned 6% more over their lifetimes than other students, despite being from similar courses.

So what is it that makes a university special? The jury’s out on many details, but one thing’s for sure: you need good professors. Here are just a few of the best you might have the pleasure of meeting some day.


Dr Prakash SinghDr Prakash SinghUniversity of Melbourne

Head of the Department of Management and Marketing, Dr Singh specialises in operations and supply chain. He has done extensive research into transport and logistics, healthcare, manufacturing and more. He has provided his expertise to a variety of organisations.

He most recently worked on, Cultural Challenges in Mitigating International Supply Chain Disruptions,” published in a 2018 issue of the IEEE Engineering Management Review.


Dr Wai Fong ChuaDr Wai Fong ChuaUniversity of Sydney

Dr Chua is known internationally for her research on management accounting. She’s a prolific author, receiving grants and publishing work in journals like The Accounting Review, Contemporary Accounting Research and more.

She recently worked on some books, including the upcoming “Accounting, Innovation and the Importance and Challenges of Inter-Organisational Relationships” and “Routledge Companion to Critical Accounting Research.”


Dr Andrew BradlyDr Andrew Bradly, Australian National University

Dr Bradly specialises in business administration and management. He comes from a background in the private sector working for companies and departments like PWC, DFAT and AusAID. He now lectures to students of international business.

His current research interests include corporate social responsibility, business contributions to poverty reduction and more.


Dr Mita BhattacharyaDr Mita BhattacharyaMonash University

Dr Bhattacharya specialises in economics, having published exceptional amounts throughout her career. Her papers have been cited hundreds of times, with one her earlier works, “Determinants of Innovation,” attracting 272 citations alone.

She’s currently using her extensive knowledge of applied microeconomics, international trade and energy economics as a senior lecturer.


Dr Aaron TkaczynskiDr Aaron TkaczynskiUniversity of Queensland

Dr Tkaczynski specialises in market segmentation. Works like “To segment or not? That is the question” and “Indonesian healthy living intentions: Segmentation study insights” have earned him recognition and respect.

He’s currently a senior lecturer, imparting his experience with tourism segmentation and consumer motivation.


Dr Pamela KentDr Pamela Kent, University of Adelaide

Dr Kent specialises in accounting and has extensive industry experience, working for three chartered accounting firms before earning her PhD. She’s a regular presence at international accounting conferences, being a mentor to both students and professionals.

She’s currently an associate professor. Her most recent work is “Chief financial officer demographic characteristics and fraudulent financial reporting in China.”


Dr Paul CromptonDr Paul CromptonUniversity of Western Australia

Dr Crompton is an economist whose interests lie with mineral and energy markets. He has utilised this knowledge in writing for numerous books and consulting on large projects. He has experience working for the Australian Bureau of Agriculture and Resource Economics and other institutions to bring about positive economic developments nationwide.

He currently works as a senior lecturer.


Dr Carole Comerton-FordeDr Carole Comerton-FordeUniversity of New South Wales

Dr Comerton-Forde specialises in banking and finance; she is head of this department. Her research focuses particularly on market structure, with recent papers in the regulation of dark trading (upcoming), close range shorting, stock manipulation and more.

In addition to her academic duties, she’s a consultant for the Australian Securities and Investments Commission