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Master of Statistics

  • Masters (Coursework)

The Master of Statistics is designed for candidates holding a Bachelor degree with a minor (or major) in mathematics or statistics.

Key details

Degree Type
Masters (Coursework)
2 years full-time, 4 years part-time
Course Code
427, 083830G
Study Mode
In person
Domestic Fees
$32,112 per year / $64,224 total
International Fees
$33,168 per year / $66,336 total

About this course

The Master of Statistics is designed for candidates holding a Bachelor degree with a minor (or major) in mathematics or statistics. This program is designed to upgrade statistical skills and to educate students to undertake advanced statistical work in industry, commerce or government, including the ability to communicate effectively with others.

This degree

Our Master of Statistics covers a wide range of statistical theory and practice and provides advanced training to practising statisticians or those aiming to become one. This program is also designed to prepare students for further postgraduate research degrees in statistics.

What you will study

Students will study subjects from the list of Preparation and Foundations subjects, plus an elective subject from maths, statistics or computer science.

Preparation subjects include: Multivariate and Vector Calculus, Differential Equations: Analysis and Applications, Linear Algebra and Groups, Complex Variables and Group Theory, Random Variables and Estimation, Statistical Inference and Introduction to Model Building.

Foundation subjects include Mathematics for Cryptography, Enhanced Programs in Differential Equations, Financial Calculus, Operations Research Numerical Analysis, Applied Probability and Financial Risk, Linear and Generalised Linear Models, Statistical Inference, and Sample Surveys and Experimental Design.

You will also complete a research project. Topics include those offered by UOW staff, from the Australian Mathematical Sciences Institute Summer and Winter graduate schools and classes available remotely, via the access grid room. Potential topics include Modern Inference, Advanced Data Analysis, Survey Design and Analysis, Statistical Consulting, and Experimental Design.

Entry requirements

A three-year Australian Bachelors degree, or equivalent, with at least one year of Statistics and an equivalent average mark of 60%, or one year of Mathematics, Engineering or similar, and an equivalent average mark of 75%.

Minimum Prior Qualification

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