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Allied Health PhD Scholarship in Chronic Lung Disease

Key details

Upto $80,000
Length of Support
4 years

About this scholarship

In February 2017, Lung Foundation Australia (LFA) teamed up with the Better Breathing Foundation (BBF) to improve support to allied health professionals conducting research in chronic lung disease by developing the Allied Health PhD Scholarship in Chronic Lung Disease.

The LFA/BBF offering one co-funded scholarship worth $40,000 per annum over a period of four years.

Students with an allied health background wishing to undertake a PhD in chronic lung disease are invited to submit an application. This PhD Scholarship is aimed at a researcher who is commencing a higher degree and interested in improving outcomes for patients living with a chronic lung disease.

A set amount of funds of $20,000 per year over a four year period total funding $80,000) is to be provided by the LFA/BBF

Whilst students must demonstrate that their University is willing to partner and co-fund the scholarship (total co-funding $80,000) and is able to guarantee the funding availability upon commencement of the PhD Scholarship. The Scholarships Office suggests that applicants speak to their faculty in regards to co-funding prior to commencing the application process.

To make an application and for more information please visit the Better Breathing Foundation’s website


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