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University of Sydney (USYD)

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Graduate Certificate in Architectural Science (High Performance Buildings)

  • Graduate Certificate

This program is a pathway to an exciting and rewarding career in the built environment field.

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Degree Type
Graduate Certificate
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In person
Domestic Fees
$22,500 per year
International Fees
$33,500 per year

About this course

This program is a pathway to an exciting and rewarding career in the built environment field. On completion you will have acquired an evidence-based education in the design, service provision and operation of buildings in a sustainable manner"an area with increasing economic and environmental importance and career opportunities. With extensive experience analysing and controlling the physical phenomena affecting buildings, practitioners of Architectural Science have a profound impact on the function, aesthetics and efficiency of architectural spaces. As the world's population becomes increasingly urbanised and buildings continue to tie up 40 percent of our energy costs, high performance buildings are more important than ever. The challenge is to reduce the energy consumption and maintenance costs of large buildings, while ensuring a comfortable and productive environment for occupants. To achieve these goals, the industry requires a new type of professional an expert with specialised skills in the optimisation of new and existing buildings for the best design and delivery of services. This degree is designed to equip you with the professional skills to ensure maximum operational efficiencies, optimal comfort and health outcomes for occupants of corporate and residential environments. It looks to close the gap that exists between the designers, construction teams and facility managers in building projects, using an integrated approach to address the needs of the property industry from a longer term perspective. The High Performance Buildings stream will integrate the various components of the built environment namely: * Architectural and Building Services - design and operations; * Sustainability with emphasis on passive and active means of minimising greenhouse gas emissions; * Facility Management - both strategic and operational; and * Property Economics - highlighting Return On Investment (ROI) principles. More detail on the Program (including course planner, credit request forms and timetable links) can be found at the

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