Course Description

Learning Outcomes
Assessment will be based on the ability to apply principles to problem solving. There will be minimal emphasis on memorisation of factual material. Both written exams and assignments will be based on scenarios i.e. case-type situations that require the exercise of comprehension, judgement, and an understanding of the issues involved.

Education and Assessment
Will be based on high-quality information delivery, application of this information through assignment work, and written examinations. This will form the platform for the assignment work that will be based mainly on the primary (i.e. research) literature. A key feature of assignment work will be development of critical appraisal skills for research papers. This will be supported by the on-line learning system, Moodle which provides all course information including assignment work, student questions and answers, chat rooms, etc. Students will study course materials at their own pace. There will be webinars for each course and two weekend workshops per Session. Tutors will be available for Q&A by email.

Course codes

University of New South Wales (UNSW) Code: 7370

Entry Requirements