General Goal

To encourage students at the University of New England to travel to undertake work at an archaeological site as members of a team.

Specific Purpose

To consolidate and broaden academic and fieldwork skills in the disciplines of study concerned with the Ancient and Medieval world. The archaeological site can be anywhere in the world, including Australia, and the fieldwork may be oriented to any area of archaeology including, but not limited to, social archaeology, historical archaeology, or classical archaeology.

An acceptable awardee

The applicant must currently be enrolled at the University of New England in the disciplines of Classical Languages or Ancient History or Medieval History or Archaeology. The applicant must have completed at least two years of study (i.e. a minimum of four trimester units over two calendar years at undergraduate level), or four units at postgraduate level, in the relevant disciplines. Applicants need not already have formal training in Archaeology to be considered. The award must be taken up before the end of the following calendar year, with the proviso that the awardee will normally still be an enrolled candidate at the time of the use of the award.


  1. Currently enrolled at the University of New England
  2. The applicant must be an Australian citizen normally resident in the country
  3. Must have completed a minimum of four units of study across two calendar years at undergraduate level at UNE, or four units of study at postgraduate level, in disciplines of study ranging from Classical Languages, Ancient History, Medieval History, Archaeology, or appropriate cognate study of the Ancient to Medieval Worlds.
  4. The award is based on academic merit and the quality of the application.
  5. The award must be taken up before the end of the following calendar year or it will lapse.


$3,000 p.a. (current expectation).  The award is to be used to help the successful applicant travel to and meet the costs of working at the proposed site.


The selection Committee is to use its discretion to determine the amount of funding, based on the estimated costs provided by the applicant. The University is not responsible to find an archaeological team for the applicant to join nor is the University to be responsible for any insurance costs.

Method of application

Please complete the application form below.  Provide evidence of Australian citizenship; certified copies of degree transcripts; names of two academic referees who should be asked by the candidate to write confidentially to the Convenor of Classics and Ancient History by the closing date; electronic copies of BA thesis or other evidence of research (published or unpublished).

Applications should be set out under the following headings:

Name and Address
Academic Record
Curriculum Vitae
Outline of Proposed research/Project/Dig (evidence of invitation to join the project must be supplied with dates)
Proposed Itinerary (including a detailed budget listing travel and subsistence costs)
Two confidential references, sent separately to the Convenor of Classics & Ancient History by the closing date, with at least one from an academic staff member at UNE.


The successful applicant of the UNE Mary Dolan Memorial Travelling Scholarship for Archaeological Fieldwork must acknowledge it specifically in any published research or conference papers researched or written during the life of this grant. The recipient is strongly encouraged to present a paper on the funded project in an appropriate forum within six months of return. A staff member might provide advice on this paper's publishability at the conclusion of the study. A short report should also be sent to the School of Humanities Academic Coordinator (Trish Wright, for the consideration of the Selection Committee at its next meeting.  This report will also be forwarded to the Dolan Family.

Under no circumstances will late applications be considered.  Selection of recipients is the responsibility of the Selection Committee whose decision is final.  No correspondence will be entered into.

Scholarship enquirers should be directed to:

Professor of Classics and Ancient History
Prof. G. H. R. Horsley
School of Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences
+612 6773 2390

Convenor of Classics and Ancient History
Dr Bronwyn Hopwood
School of Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences
+612 6773 2216