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Gallipoli Scholarship Fund

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Purpose of the Scholarship

The Gallipoli Scholarship Fund seeks to perpetuate among young Australians an understanding of those enduring traditions of perseverance, courage, self-sacrifice and mateship that were established so indelibly in the cause of world peace at Gallipoli, and thereafter on other battlefields and peace operations. It helps inform and remind Australians of the sacrifices of those who served Australia in conflicts and peace operations, and thereby contributes to the future security of our nation and our national values of democracy, freedom, and the rule of law.

The Scholarship provides financial assistance to the most deserving and meritorious Australian applicants, commencing their first year of tertiary study at a University or TAFE at Degree, Diploma or Advanced Diploma level, in the year of application. In assessing suitability for an award, a 60% weighting applies to necessitous circumstances and a 40% weighting to educational merit. Currently, the Scholarship does not extend beyond one year.

Scholarship applicants must be able to verify family lineage to an Australian who served for Australia in either World War I or World War II. They must be a direct descendant.

The Award

Each Scholarship is now worth $6,000 tax free, paid in two tranches: the first in April at the presentation ceremony, and the second on successful completion of the first semester providing the recipient is continuing their studies at university or TAFE (the latter at Degree, Diploma or Advanced Diploma level).

In recognition of the enormous contribution of Bill Hall in establishing the Gallipoli Scholarship, commencing in 2019, the Bill Hall Bursary will be introduced.  Recipients of a Gallipoli Scholarship from 2018 onwards are eligible to apply for a Bill Hall Bursary, valued at $6,000, to assist their second year of study at University or TAFE (at degree or advanced diploma level).

Gallipoli Scholarship 2020

You are invited to apply for a Gallipoli Scholarship to assist your first year of tertiary study either at university or TAFE (the latter at Degree, Diploma or Advanced Diploma level). Scholarships are awarded each year based on the decision of the Gallipoli Scholarship Selection Committee (GSSC). The essential selection criteria which must be satisfied to qualify for a Scholarship is outlined below. The decision of the GSSC is final and not open to appeal.

Applications for the Gallipoli Scholarship open on 1st January and close on 1st March.

Please read the requirements for selection carefully and ensure that when submitting your application the required supporting documentation is included.  Supporting documents can be mailed to the following address or scanned and emailed toapplications@gallipolischolarship.com.au    


An applicant for the Scholarship must be:

  • Have qualified and been accepted to undertake tertiary study at University or TAFE (the latter at Diploma or Advanced Diploma level).
  • Be able to show necessitous circumstances through ill health of family members, death, separation from parents or guardians, unexpected financial loss or asset reduction that would otherwise prevent the applicant’s full-time attendance at university or TAFE.
  • Be in receipt of or be eligible to receive Youth Allowance, ABSTUDY or a similar Government benefit. This must be supported by relevant documentation in the form of the client registration number showing date of application and/or the decision in relation to the application
  • Be an Australian citizen.
  • Be a direct descendant of an Australian serviceman or servicewoman who served in either World War I or World War II.
  • Be under 25 years of age on 1 March in the year of application.
  • Commence their first year of university or TAFE studies (the latter at Degree, Diploma or Advanced Diploma level) in the year of application and be studying full-time.


Eligible Degrees
  • Masters (Coursework)
Eligible Study Fields
Business & Management
Creative Arts
Engineering & Mathematics
Humanities, Arts & Social Sciences
IT & Computer Science
Law, Legal Studies & Justice
Medical & Health Sciences
Property & Built Environment
Teaching & Education