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Master of Philosophy (Clinical Science)

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The Master of Philosophy (Clinical Science) is conducted over two years of full time study or the equivalent in half-time candidature.

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Masters (Coursework)

About this course

The Master of Philosophy (Clinical Science) is conducted over two years of full time study or the equivalent in half-time candidature. The key aim of the program is to train students in research methodology and techniques and to engage them in the critical evaluation of literature and results in their field of research at an advanced level. Whilst the Master of Philosophy (Clinical Science) may contain a significant coursework component, the focus of the degree is on research. Master of Philosophy (Clinical Science) graduates are well placed to progress to independent research at doctoral level.

As one of the most highly research-intensive and respected universities in Australia and a member of the prestigious Group of Eight, The University of Adelaide is the smart choice for your research program. The University is committed to providing unique opportunities for graduates and researchers who are recognised as worldwide leaders for their vision and capacity to address global research challenges.

All Master of Philosophy students at the University have the opportunity to broaden their research experience through the Career and Research Skills Training (CaRST) program.

Entry requirements

A successful application to a Master of Philosophy (Clinical Science) program involves a number of considerations:

Academic background and Experience

An applicant must demonstrate that they have gained the required qualifications for admission to the Master of Philosophy (Clinical Science) as detailed in the academic program rules.

English Language Proficiency Requirement

As English is the language of instruction at the University of Adelaide, all applicants must provide evidence of their proficiency before an offer of a place is made.

Availability of supervision and resourcing

In addition to the academic requirements, the Head of School must certify that your proposed research project is acceptable to the School and that there are sufficient supervisory and other resources and facilities available to enable your candidature to be completed successfully. Accordingly, discussing your research interests with your prospective supervisors/School is essential prior to submitting your Master of Philosophy (Clinical Science) application.

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