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Master of Laws in Intellectual Property Dean's Scholarship

Key details

50% off tuition fees

About this scholarship

A scholarship for international students from developing countries in the Asia-Pacific region, commencing our Master of Laws in Intellectual Property.

Application dates

Applications close: 24 November 2017

What you'll receive

You'll receive:

  • a scholarship that will waive 50% of the tuition fees for a full-time year of study in our Master of Laws in Intellectual Property.​

Current international student tuition fees for the Master of Laws in Intellectual Property


You must:

  • be offered a place in our Masters of Laws in Intellectual Property
  • have met the English language requirements
  • be an international student from a developing country in the Asia-Pacific region as declared by the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Australian Government
  • be a high achiever in your academic qualifications at tertiary level
  • have relevant work experience in the field of Intellectual Property Law.


To keep this scholarship, you must:

  • remain enrolled as a full-time student at QUT for the duration of the studies to retain the scholarship. After the first semester, you may take approved Leave of Absence for up to 12 months (in accordance with QUT Student Rules) and still retain the scholarship
  • commence study as soon as reasonably possible after the grant of the scholarship
  • maintain satisfactory progress in each unit undertaken. The progress of the scholarship holder will be reviewed at the end of each semester. For the purposes of this scholarship, ‘satisfactory progress’ is defined as a minimum pass grade in each unit attempted

If circumstances dictate that you must:

  • withdraw from an enrolled unit/s after the advertised dates for withdrawal without financial penalty, any penalty shall be met by the scholarship holder who shall be required to reimburse the Faculty for the equivalent amount.
  • withdraw from an enrolled unit/s after the advertised dates for withdrawal without academic penalty, an application for withdrawal without academic penalty (accompanied by appropriate supporting documentation) must be submitted.

As the scholarship holder:

  • if you fail a unit and are nevertheless permitted to continue to hold the scholarship, you must pay the cost of completing a unit to replace the failed unit
  • it is not a condition of the scholarship that you become an employee or render any service to the university or the Faculty of Law (as the scholarship sponsor), either during the tenure of the scholarship or upon its completion
  • your scholarship may not be transferred to another person nor transferred to support a course of study for another degree.

Where the Executive Dean considers that there are grounds for terminating the scholarship, you will:

  • be given notice in writing, including the grounds for termination and will require you to show cause why the scholarship should not be terminated
  • be given 14 days from the date of the notice to show cause. The Executive Dean will consider your response and then make a determination on whether the scholarship is to be terminated. The Executive Dean will notify you of the decision in writing. The decision of the Executive Dean is final.

The scholarship is provided principally for educational purposes.

Note: International Scholarship (Non-Australian Citizen)


Eligible Degrees
  • Masters (Coursework)
  • Female
  • Male
Eligible Study Fields
Law, Legal Studies & Justice