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Graduate Diploma of Family Violence Prevention

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Globally and nationally, family violence prevention is recognised as a critical area for social change and transformation.

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Degree Type
Graduate Diploma
2 years part-time
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Study Mode
In person
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Apr, Jun, Jul, Oct
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$24,200 per year
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$34,700 per year

About this course

Globally and nationally, family violence prevention is recognised as a critical area for social change and transformation. There is increasing recognition among local and international governments and other bodies of the need for high level skills in family violence prevention to address this global social problem and achieve sustained change.

The course is designed to support social transformation for a violence free future, and will build your skills in a range of practice areas including child safety, men's behaviour change, health impacts of family violence, family violence in the criminal justice system and working with victims and survivors. You will have the opportunity to apply your skills via professional practice and practicum units. The knowledge and skills you will gain are transferable across a wide range of professions and occupations where workers encounter domestic and family violence issues.

Designed to deliver specialised expertise in the area, this course draws on long-established deep relationships between Monash researchers, government, and a range of key professional organisations and non-government actors in the fields of family violence prevention, health, and law.

Through a multi-faceted approach including problem-solving, organizational placements, peer and team learning and blended learning platforms, you will develop an understanding of critical and theoretical debates focused on patterns of gendered violence. You'll gain an understanding of primary, secondary and tertiary prevention of gendered violence and develop dynamic skills applicable to a wide range of workforces and contexts.

Critical units focus on understanding the social underpinnings of family violence and criminal justice responses. Later units address real world learning opportunities, focusing on skills and competencies required in particular domains of family violence prevention work such as law and primary medical responses to family violence.

The course concludes with a placement unit/practicum which will offer exposure to family violence prevention practice and develop skills for professionals to respond critically to the current and future needs of their industry.

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