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Melbourne Graduate School of Education

MGSE International Student Experience - Winnie Nelson

" My friends tell me I’m energetic and bubbly. That’s what people mostly say about me anyway. I feel alive helping people, that’s why I feel like teaching is a perfect fit for me. I’m Winnie Nelson, I teach English to International Adult Students at the Baxter Institute of Melbourne.

Teaching is not just about imparting knowledge, it’s about connecting with people. Making sure your students are actually learning, fun should be incorporated in the classroom as well.

I used to visit Melbourne when I was a child with my parents, and I actually made a resolution to come here one day.

The University of Melbourne, being ranked among the top Institutions in the world, also helped my decision of course.

When you’re exposed to different cultures away from home, you find surprising similarities. I think it creates a sort of, bond and its really quite magical. And that’s what makes this place beautiful.

Working and studying at the same time got really challenging. You just have to tell yourself, “Winnie, you’ve got this far, you just have to push through.”

It’s definitely been worthwhile. Lots of options for people who need financial support, heaps of scholarship options, activities and social gatherings.

I’m planning to do my Research degree and I wouldn’t do it anywhere else but the University of Melbourne." 

-- Winnie Nelson, Master of TESOL Graduate. English Trainer at Baxter Institute