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James Cook University (JCU)

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Bachelor of Engineering (Honours)

  • Bachelor (Honours)

Prepare yourself for the challenges of today and tomorrow through an engineering course shaped by industry. An outstanding graduate employment rate and a strong focus on hands-on skills enables you to be job ready upon graduation.

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Degree Type
Bachelor (Honours)
4 years full-time
Course Code
116209, 085458G
Study Mode
In person
Intake Months
Jul, Feb
Domestic Fees
$9,527 per year
International Fees
$35,800 per year

About this course

Build a thorough understanding of engineering fundamentals in your first year. Deepen your knowledge and focus on theoretical and practical learning. You will study a specialised major plus one minor. Gain hands-on skills through laboratory classes and field trips. Participate in twelve weeks of work placements with industry partners - you may have the opportunity for paid work experience. Studies culminate in the fourth year with an Honours component - a major engineering project and thesis. You will research a current industry issue and work towards designing a solution. Become a world-class engineer. JCU engineering graduates are innovative problem solvers, creative designers and applied scientists involved in a variety of industries. Prepare yourself to solve tomorrow's challenges with a from JCU (similar to a ). Be ready for employment as you study courses that have been shaped by the current and future needs of industry. Partner with JCU to develop your problem-solving skills and learn how to apply them in ways that improve the world and advance your career. Become a leader in through your world-class education at JCU. Build a strong foundation as you study essential engineering fundamentals like statics and dynamics, mathematical techniques, and electrical circuits. Be ready today for tomorrow through your in Queensland and gain hands-on, practical experience through work placements. Work to understand current issues facing the industry and design effective solutions under the guidance of lecturers committed to student success. Prepare for the future that is right for you with your BE degree from JCU. Choose from any of five majors that will develop you into an industry and community leader and prepare you to reach your career goals. Become an expert at working with chemical technologies that are shaping our world, including bioprocessing and mineral processing. Use your chemical engineering focus to develop new materials that will revolutionise industry, or make a difference in the community as you innovate developments in food or fuel manufacturing. Develop your passion for bringing economic development and the environment together in sustainable ways. Work with the world's leading experts in your engineering courses in Queensland. With your from JCU, you will improve and progress the liveability of our world's cities. Prepare yourself with a deep understanding of data analytics and electronics to improve communications, develop sustainable energy solutions, or solve hunger issues with agricultural developments. Change the world with the skills you learn at JCU, designing smart healthcare systems, smart cities, or better environmental monitoring systems. The Internet of Things and smart technology is applicable in all aspects of life. Apply your skills in a variety of different contexts including consumer technologies in the home, waste management, healthcare, sport and agriculture. Develop your interest in machines as you master the dynamics of thermofluid mechanics, mechanical design, and machine elements. Work in a practical learning environment to apply principles to real-world situations, qualifying yourself to work in all types of industry, from aerospace to mining, health to agriculture. Your world-class education starts with a degree at JCU. Graduate qualified to work in Australia, New Zealand, Europe or Asia, or anywhere your interests and drive take you with a degree accredited by Engineers Australia. Develop as a well-rounded professional as you learn skills in organising and interpreting data, communicating effectively, and conducting reliable experiments. Learn how to use your knowledge to make data-driven decisions and prioritise solutions that work. Prepare to make the world a better place as you and learn critical problem-solving skills in the context of cultural frameworks. Take your first step towards a successful career and a better future for the world by applying to the program at JCU. Gain access to small classes, take part in hands-on research that matters, and be prepared to make a difference wherever you go. View the handbook for a detailed overview of available subjects.

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Career pathways

A JCU Engineering degree prepares students to work across a broad range of occupations and industries, depending on their chosen major. Job opportunities include: - operate in highly diverse industries ranging from environmental science, water treatment, the manufacturing of food, fuel and chemicals, minerals processing and development of new materials - work in design, construction and maintenance of infrastructure such as buildings, bridges, roads, railways, airports, water supply systems, dams, mines and waste disposal systems - design solutions for electronics and electrical infrastructure in industries such as energy, communications, automotive, mining, agriculture, aviation or medical technology - design electronics, software and data analytics for many industries such as communications, energy, smart cities, smart healthcare, precision agriculture, environmental monitoring, mining, manufacturing, and automation - design, manufacture and maintain machines for a large number of industries such as manufacturing, oil and gas, mining, agriculture, automotive, aerospace, communications, health, transport. JCU Engineering graduates work worldwide with a qualification recognised in Australia, New Zealand, Europe, North America, Asia and South Africa.